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It's ridiculously difficult to find parking on my street. A lot of us don't have driveways and the people who do have them NEVER park in them; they park on the street(and park like they're parking for 3 people) and leave their driveways completely empty. \r\n\r\nOur neighbor got a handicapped parking spot in front of her house and SHE DOESN'T PARK IN IT. I feel like she's completely abusing this rule. You've gotten a handicapped spot and only park in it when it's convenient for you. It's just not fair.\r\n\r\nIs there anything I can do if this continues?\r\n\r\n(I don't know her personally, but she doesn't seem like she needs a handicapped spot. She looks and does chores outdoors completely fine like everyone else)




Not all disabilities are visible. 

Just as with any other entitlement, placard and so-called handicapped space entitlements are being abused on a massive scale. 

As a warning - you abusers and fraudsters are being watched and documented.  Your information is being shared with authorities and we will win this fight.

Texas license XMW8DV This car is reported as abusing parking spot but all Texas plates starting or ending with DV are Disabled Veterans and are eligible to use handicapped spaces.