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Invisible Handicap Canard

The invisible handicap defense is no longer acceptable.  The problem of placard abuse is now out of control and a wide net has to be cast in order to prosecute the fraudsters. 

More on this later, but anyone walking normally, without a patent impairment, to or from a placarded vehicle is suspect.  This person and their vehicle will be documented and the information will be shared with parking enforcement for further investigation and action. 




What state do you live in so I can prove you are wrong?

Those with a bad back, cardiac conditions, lung conditions, or rheumatoid disease frequently do not "look like" they are handicapped. I'm one of them. I use a mobility scooter, a cane, and have a service dog. Yes, I have a legal placard on my car. Yet I have been questioned as to whether I have a "real" disability. Some people are so judgmental.

Flying Frank you are judging people you have no right to. There are many conditions where someone may look healthy.  My dad became disabled when he lost a toe and he had balance issues from it.  He had placards issued to him. He then lost half his other leg but with his prosthetic on you could not tell he was disabled.  He would have gladly kicked anyone's behind who dared to say he wasn't disabled.  He also brought me up that way. I am disabled.  I have a chronic condition that leaves me in pain 24/7. I can't get out of bed somedays. Others day with my meds I don't look handicapped at all. I have had the cops called on me and harassed many times because I started using a cane when I was under 30 years old. I am now 37. I get dirty looks so much that I just ignore it but it sure upsets those I'm with and has even caused my friends to get into arguments with people like you. Those who think I shouldn't be the way I am because of how old I am. Those who give dirty looks when my kids want to push me. Those who think they know better than the 5 Dr's I went to after an accident put me in this condition. Also no the accident was not my fault.  So I pray that you never end up with an invisible illness because it's not fun living the way we are then to top it off we have to deal with jerks. 

@Aliviakaye You should only use the spots when your condition requires it. On the days you're on your meds and feeling fine, you should leave the spots for others? And as far as you saying your father "would have gladly kicked anyone's behind who dared to say he wasn't disabled", what kind of person can physically fight someone but can't walk an extra hundred feet? 

i have vascular insufficency in my feet due to diabetes.My condition was certified by a surgeon at one of the world's most famous hospitals.Although I might appear to those without a medical degree to have no trouble walking doing so is quite uncomfortable.If a policeman or a parking official questions me I'll certainly cooperate.But junior detectives might want to think twice before dropping a dime.

I don't believe this post. I have a valid placard that says I am able to use a handicapped parking spot. It required a doctor filling out paperwork to get my placard. It is numbered and the police can look it up. Nobody (short of a physician) has the authority based on how I walk to claim that I am in violation. 

I am in my late 70's and Have had a severe spinal injury.  The city of Modesto, CA put a handicap parking space in front of my house.  The trouble with the parking space my neighbor ignores, the Handicap Parking, they and their friend continue to park in the handicap parking,  they also stack tons of trash covering the  handicap parking spot.  I have called the Modesto, Police hundreds of times,  they do not respond at all.  I have even called The Mayor of Modesto,  and she pasted the buck and nothing was done. The Modesto CA. city Government SUCKS!  ALL NEED TO BE FIRED!