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I have never seen such a large gathering of physicians, judges and police officers on one website

And you people must be good....DAMN GOOD. To be able to look at someone getting out of a car and be able to determine at first glance that since they appear to be under 40 (when in actuality they are 50) and that they are not in a wheelchair that they do not have the right to be using a handicapped space, even though the laws of the state they reside in and a actual doctor said that they do have that right. 

What kind of expertise do any of you have that gives you the ability to decide who should be allowed to use a handicapped space and who shouldnt? 
We have been over the hidden handicapped aspect. Like it or not some people are legally handicapped and legally allowed to park in handicapped spaces even though they are lets just say 30 and not in a wheelchair. And did you ever think of this one? You see some young guy who appears to be 18 and straight out of high school zip into a handicapped space at a store or hospital with a handicapped tag on his window. You do-gooders jump into action, get pictures of his plate or even confront him. How on earth do you know that he is not there to pick up a disabled grandparent or other person in a wheelchair? 
You people come from the exact same breed as the road ragers, the idiots who ride some slow drivers bumper for 10 miles while laying on the horn, then when they come to a stop light jump out and try to take matters into your own hands. 
I am giving you some advice. LEAVE THIS TO THE POLICE. Unless you have some damn good hard evidence that someone you personally know is without a doubt faking using a handicapped space leave it to the professionals. You are setting yourselves up for trouble if you keep posting notes on peoples cars or as in the case i had today verbally confronting someone. I gave the idiot a break, next time i wont-regardless if it is a man or a woman there will be Hell to pay. 




Your rage and guilt must be tough crosses to bear.


The law is very clear: if you have been legally assigned a DMV issued disabled placard, you WILL also issued the placard REGISTRATION paper, bearing the name of the person who was issued the placard. It is NOT based on physical disability appearance.

If the person is legally entitled to use the placard as shown above, why is this person NOT displaying the placard? This is where the majority of the report comes in: car parked in handicapped section without a disabled placard.

As for comparison between the people who reported the placard abuse and road rager... seriously? So I can say that those who use the placard illegally are criminal. They broke the law, right?

As for your last sentence on "hell to pay", I want to see you try it. If you parked on a handicapped parking spot WITHOUT a legal disabled placard, I will take picture of your car and either post it here or call the non-emergency number from the local police (I have done this before). If you come at me aggressively with the intent to hurt me, I will defend myself and call the cops. Like you said, let the cop handle it, right?

Im 27 and i do have my placard because i have arthritis all over my legs you do not need to be seated on a wheelchair to be disabled peoples are wrong

I'm 27 with an "invisible" disability (70% of the time it's invisible anyway).  I don't believe you're going to even come back and check this message board so I'll be terse.  There is nothing wrong with someone reporting a POSSIBLE CRIME.  There is no citation issued, we are civilians and citizens, not cops (though i'd bet there are some cops here, and to them I say oorah).  All we are doing is taking the information of a POSSIBLE CRIME to the police and letting them know.  This is not only completely acceptable, it's our, and even your, civic duty.  If you see a crime being committed it is your civic duty to report it, end of story.

I have had a handicap placard for the past 7-8 years.People tell me all of the time that I don't look handicapped? My response is...am I supposed to? Too many people on this site (not all) judge these books by the cover. I am a Desert Storm vet & owe no one other than an actual officer any sort of explanation for my use of a placard. Someone recently got killed over an altercation about parking in a handicap spot. It's not worth it!

Sounds like Radphi got scolded in the parking lot by one of us and was too scared to stand up for himself, so he ran home and typed up a big warning to soothe his deflated ego. What a wuss.

I'm almost 70 but am told by many that I look younger.I just recently got a handicapped placard after my vascular surgeon certified that I have circulatory damage in my feet due to years of diabetes.Walking is certainly not impossible for me and anyone watching me walk might wonder how I'm disabled/ But my circulatory problem makes walking quite uncomfortable as I often have sores on my feet...which is common with my condition.If a policeman were to question me I'd certainly cooperate but to those who think I don't have a legitimate problem they should check with my doctor.