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Please upload a valid image file.

Tried loading pictures and keep getting "Please upload image file"  Tried changing format and  picture size, no luck.  Please help.




Try to use a different browser or disable adblock. In some websites that I have visited (not this one), I have issue viewing it or uploading file and the only way to fix it is to use different browser. I.e. it work in Chrome but not Safari, sometimes it work in Safari but not Chrome.

Hi, I'm new here.  I'm fed up with the illegal parking in accessible spots.  I'm great full for finding this site.  I'm curious, if anyone know if tickets have actually been sent to people?  I hate to call the police to report it since they have more important things to be doing.  Plus, by the time they get their the car can be gone.  Is there anything else I can do in addition to posting the plate here?  Thank you

We need an app!

I agree! We need an app through which we can submit photos and describe what is happening to this website.

Also, having the info in one's cellphone makes it easier to fill out all the legal paperwork if we decide to go that route.
It is health care parking that startles me. ADA specifies the number of handicap slots for public access, but hospitals and clinics and medical office buildings should have a higher number of handicap slots available. I mean, where do handicapped people go the most? I go to MD offices all the time. 

I saw someone parking in handicap. Looked very young. Not even in a wheel chair.

Can anyone help with removing a report? I did one recently and the issue has been resolved so I need it to be taken down now. 

Can anyone help with removing a report? I did one recently and the issue has been resolved so I need it to be taken down now. 

I care for my 96year old dad who uses a walker and has limited mobility

It's infuriating to see the abuse of handicapped spots. It's hard to judge when you see someone with a placard. Even if they look mobile, there could be other reasons.  HOWEVER when people use the handicappped spot as a pick up lane for fast food establishments, that's just wrong.  Have seen people with no placard at all as well as the handicapped person remaining in the car while the able bodied rider run in to pickup food. I know from a criminal point of view it's a low priority offense, but what can we do ?????

This is a very clunky interface.I haven't seen this text box since Android forums like 5 years ago. I cannot upload images even with adblock off. I even tried Edge and Firefox. Crazy Man Gets Mad For Handicap Spot Is the link to this piece of..work. He claims he was there for twenty seconds but we never see him pull in, just the confrontation. He pulls off while cussing up a storm and using the N-word repeatedly (neither party was even black lol) and the F bomb. All with his kids in the car (baby with pacifier in the back seat). he repositons his camera and talks directly into it while driving his kids while obviously making a Youtube upload. He proudly uploads it and defends his immorality in comments that he was in the right to be in that spot

Hi, I'm a 100% disabled Vietnam era veteran. I use a scooter, wheel chair, walkers and canes to be able to be mobile. On the 06/14/2023 my wife and I and a friend went to Huber's Farm and Winery in Borden, Indiana. I was ready to leave and my wife let the lift down, meanwhile a lady parked her car in the half space behind me, almost completely covering my lift ! Of course she was no where to be found. no ticket, no fine, no tow!