Getting parking stickers off your windshield

parking sticker

Violation stickers come in removable and permanent varieties.

While enforcing parking violations may seem like the right thing to do, parking stickers can be tough to remove (and are meant to be that way). Bloggers far and wide have discussed this sticky issue, with one Chicago-based blog offering a number of techniques of note. Everyone has his/her own piece of advice on removing the pesky adhesive – from the calmly practical to the aggressively impulsive.

  • For general adhesive removal, Good Housekeeping recommends not scrubbing or rubbing off the adhesive, which can result in balled material, but covering it with baby, mineral, or vegetable oil and letting it set overnight. If light oil isn’t enough, soaking the sticker in hot water may also work. If light oil isn’t available, soak the sticker in hot water. If the sticker is on glass, Good Housekeeping also recommends that you spray it with a lubricant like WD-40, and then leave it alone for a few hours before attempting removal.
  • Hack at the sticker with a razor blade until a large portion is removed. Spray WD-40 on the smaller remaining pieces, let it set, and remove.
  • Spray the adhesive with a hairdryer on its highest setting. This warms the sticker, making it easy to remove with a razor or by hand. Rubbing alcohol should take care of the leftover pieces.
  • Place one drop of dishwashing soap on the sticker, and distribute it to create a thin film over the sticker. Let dry and remove.
  • Spray Windex on the sticker and remove it with a plastic pot scraper.
  • In addition to warm water, dish soap, and baby oil, some other adhesive removers include peanut butter, lacquer thinner, and preventative sticker shield. But the most effective cure is prevention – try not to get stickered in the first place!

If none of these techniques work, buy a new windshield – and try parking in the right place next time!

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