Violation stickers to enforce parking rules

parking violation sticker

Fluorescent colors ensure that parking spotters will follow through on their promise to tow cars if they aren’t moved. Stickers are available here.

If you’re planning on enforcing parking rules on your premises, you might want to consider investing in parking violation stickers. Placed on the windshield or driver’s side window of a motor vehicles, these stickers send a forceful message that the car is parked against the lot’s rules and may be towed. The stickers are generally fluorescent to make them harder to miss.

  • A parking violation sticker one someone’s car should be the last resort in a gradual escalation from verbal warning (if possible) to a note or temporary sticker. When you place the sticker, make sure you don’t block the driver’s view!  Once placed, parking violation stickers require razors, glass cleaner or a scraper for complete removal. This isn’t quite as aggressive as the Lithuanian method of running over badly parked cars with a tank, but it’s close – if you’re more sympathetic, you can just place the warning under the vehicle’s windshield wiper.
  • For more personalized parking violation stickers, some adhesive warning labels have empty space to leave a custom message for a parking violator. These stickers are typically easier to remove than their non-customizable cousins. (Removable stickers are often used to let violators know where they’ve gone wrong or remind them of a lot’s regulations. These are generally circumstances where a little mercy goes a long way.)
  • In order to ensure that everyone reading your warning can understand your message, try using bilingual violation stickers.

Parking violation stickers are among the best ways to push forward your crusade against illegal parking. They don’t deprive people of their vehicles, and don’t involve sometimes unreliable towing companies, but they still get your message across unmistakably.

One last thing. Never use these stickers in parking spaces that you don’t control. This includes people who park on public streets in front of your house. Placing these stickers in spaces you don’t control is technically vandalism, no matter how good your intentions are.

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