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Product Description

LED Safety Batons have a variety of uses from traffic and crowd control, to making sure your road crews stay safe. The bottomline is, they will make sure you are seen. Push button activation make it easy to use.

  • LED Road Flares have 14 Red 6 White LEDs with push button activiation.
  • Rubber, waterproof coating make ensures it will work in any weather.
  • Powered on rechargeable Lithium ION Battery, and AC DC charger is included.
  • Battons feature seat belt safety cutter and safety hammer for emergencies.
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LED Traffic Safety Baton
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  • LED Traffic Safety Batons give you 20 LEDs, 14 Red and 6 White, in your hand and are great for traffic and crowd control situations.
  • The LEDs on the flares are visible from up to 1/2 a mile.
  • Push button activation lets you easily select 7 different lighting patterns and variations.
  • Orange rubber coating provides a comfortable grip in your hand.
  • LED Batons operate off of a Lithium Ion battery and is rechargeable. AC and DC charger is included.
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