What is a Loading Zone?

Loading and Unloading Zones
Loading zones are a region designated for rapid loading and unloading of materials. Parking in this area is only permitted for short periods of time, normally no longer than 30 minutes. Primarily this section is used by commercial vehicles holding the necessary permits.
Loading and Unloading Zones keep parking areas running smoothly. These areas, created for short-term use, need to be monitored and managed to prevent disorganization during the transportation of materials. Therefore, they have to be supplemented with proper loading zone signs.
Who are the main people who request loading zones and loading zone signs? More often than not, these are merchants or building owners through the office. Creating a loading zone requires a systemic approach. People must consider the loading area. Alleys are probably best if loading is done from an alley. However, if this is not an option, the location and length of the zone, and the hours of use must be determined. If parking is in high demand, parking officials may restrict the hours when the zone is active. It is also helpful or sometimes mandatory to give the officials an understanding of the volume of goods being transported.
One of the main ways to create a loading zone is to go to a local city council and submit a completed application. The city council will consider the benefits of the zone versus any possible disadvantages. Issuing a loading zone is a privilege, not a right, and therefore their implementation must be carefully examined.
Unloading zones are exactly what their definition implies. They are areas where trucks and commercial vehicles can remove their items. An example of an unloading zone in use can be found during university move-in days. People are always trying to unload lots of heavy items to move into the dorms. Unloading and Loading Zone Signs are often erected to specific residence halls.
In universities such as the University of Missouri, campus streets will be designated for one-way traffic to accommodate for unloading zones. In some cases like UGA, entrance to certain unloading zones will not be permitted without passes. Rules for unloading zones will be strictly enforced and towing will occur if vehicles are left unattended for longer than one hour. These areas are short-term fixes.
The best way to keep loading zones clear, efficient, and free of congestion is to implement Loading Zone Signs. These signs are necessary items to maintain control of loading and unloading zones and allow drivers to get their jobs done. The signs are made from top-of-the line rigid aluminum that will last through any weather for at least ten years. Loading zone signs are printed with reflective 3M ink that is clearly visible throughout the night.