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Sign Posts

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LawnBoss™ Sign Kits
LawnBoss™ Sign Kits
Sometimes you don’t need an official 6’ parking sign post for your message. Kits include an easy-to-install 3’ stake. These handy pre-assembled sign+stae kits are ideal for lawns and pathways.
Portable Sign Bases
Portable Sign Bases
Put your sign exactly where it will have the most impact. Sign bases include a post and attachment hardware. Materials include cast iron, water-filled plastic and recycled rubber.
We offer the widest range of metal sign posts – all at the best prices online. But, the purchase of the post is only a fraction of your costs. Labor costs and installation costs are far more important. So - please look at our hardware and sign attachment accessories.

• For a quick comparison of Sign Post prices click here.

• The era of 1-sign-for-1-post is ending. Consider, also, a refelctive post panel. Our square posts allow you to attach a sign to all four sides.

This quick video answers some frequently asked questions about installing U-Channel Posts.

Sign Posts by Size

 4' Posts
 6' Posts
 7' Posts
 8' Posts
 10' Posts

Sign Posts by Style

 Best Selling Posts

• Round, Square & U-Channel Sign Posts.

• Lowest price & highest quality guaranteed.

 Breakaway Sign Posts

• 8' pole , 3' base, easy instillation!.

• Priced as low as $36.95.


• FlexPosts for asphalt, concrete & ground.

• 3 models all with 360° of flexibility.

 Plastic Sign Posts

• Square & U-Channel Sign Posts.

• Zero maintenance required and suitable for all types of environments.

Sign Posts by Shape

 Round Sign Posts

• Rust-Proof Round Post great for street signs.

• Timeless Nob Hill Brackets & Post Caps.

 Square Sign Posts

• Most practical sign post system!

• Square design allows signs to be mounted on any of the four sides.

 U-Channel Sign Posts

• Browse wide range of heights & weights.

• Municipal Quality priced as low as $16.95.

Sign Posts Accessories

 Reflective Delineators and Post Panels

• Extra bright fluorescent panels give a “heads-up” to any driver.

• Installed below other signs.

 Sign Attachment Hardware

• Attach signs to chain link, round parts or project your sign perpendicular to wall.

 Sign Post Installation Tools

• Post Pounder saves time and your back.

• No experienced post installation crew would start work without these post drivers.

 Sign Accessories

• Cast aluminum sign brackets firmly hold your signs.

• Cast Iron, aluminum, and recycled rubber bases for stable installation of sign posts.

 Portable Sign Bases

• Cast iron, recycled rubber, aluminum bases that won't tip over. Ideal for any shape of sign.

• Both regular and wheeled bases available.

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