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Lightweight aluminum sign base is your simple installation solution. No need to dig a hole to install your post. Simply attach a U-Channel post to this base and keep it mobile or bolt to the ground for a permanent installation.

  • 14.5" diameter aluminum base. Includes hardware for attaching the sign post, and 3 pre-drilled holes for bolting the base into the ground.
  • Base only works with heavy duty 2# posts - galvanized or green baked enamel. Compatible U-channel post can be found below, post is sold separately.
  • Our 6ft post is designed specifically to be used with the aluminum base. We recommend using the 6ft height when portability is needed. Posts larger than 6ft can be used when mounting the base to the ground for permanent installation and the post has holes drilled from top to bottom.
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  • Plastic Portable Sign Base
  • Metal Portable Sign Base
  • Rubber Portable Sign Base

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  • 14" Cast Iron Base
  • 17" Cast Iron Base
  • 18"-36" Cast Iron
  • 14.5" Aluminum

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    • Base is 5.5 lbs and can be used for indoor or outdoor use. It is recommended to be used indoors, unless base is bolted to the ground.
    • 14.5" diameter base comes with 3 predrilled holes for bolting the base to the ground and post attachment hardware. Holes are 10/16" in diameter.
    • For stability it is recommended that a 6' post is used. Only the heavy duty, 2# posts are compatible.
    • Signs 12" x 18" are recommended for use on the base. However, if the base is bolted one can use sign sizes up to 24"
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    Customer Reviews

    Woman User Icon
    Mar 28, 2023

    Size: 48" x 14" Material Type: Cast Iron 14" Base for Signs   Verified Purchase

    Quality product

    This is perfect for the metal sign I ordered.
    Man User Icon
    Mar 25, 2023

    Size: 63" x 24" Material Type: XL Roll 'n' Pole Premium Portable Sign Holder   Verified Purchase

    Sign holder

    Great product exactly what I was looking for
    Man User Icon
    Mar 24, 2023

    Size: 58" x 18" Material Type: Roll 'n' Pole Standard Portable Sign Holder   Verified Purchase

    Recent Purchase

    Quick Ship. Well built. Easy assembly. Hole to fill bottom with sand is small and inconvenient. Would order again.
    Man User Icon
    Mar 21, 2023

    Size: 58" x 18" Material Type: Roll 'n' Pole Standard Sign Holder with Metal Pole   Verified Purchase

    Time will tell

    Looks good Have to see it in use.
    Man User Icon
    Mar 15, 2023

    Size: 48" x 17" Material Type: Cast Iron 17" Base for Signs   Verified Purchase

    Best base

    Good and sturdy.