Custom ConeBoss and Cone Collar

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Add your own instructions to this Custom Stop Cone Collar Sign. Customization is as simple as 1,2,3!

  • Flexible sleeve fits easily overĀ standardĀ 18" and 28" high traffic cones.
  • Available in reflective version too.
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  • Traffic Cone
  • ConeBoss
  • ConeBoss Octagon
  • Cone Collar Sign

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    Coroplast Panel
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    Message is printed 3 times on the sleeve for 360° degree viewing.Sep 25
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    • Made out woven and sealed PVC with a highly visible, prismatic reflective pattern.
    • Designed to fit on standard 18" and 28" tall cones. May fit loosely on slimmer cones.
    • Sleeves are 9.5" high with a 3.25" top hole diameter and a 6.5" bottom hole diameter.
    • Message is printed 3 times around for 360° degree viewing.
    • Flexible for easy removal and storage.
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