Reduce slip and fall accidents with an IceAlert indicator

April 12, 2013

IceAlert indicator

A slip and fall accident on ice may make for a funny YouTube video, but could also mean severe injuries for the victim, substantial medical bills, and personal injury claims. While the slip and fall accidents caused by ice may be a result of someone’s own carelessness, property owners may still be liable if the dangerous icy conditions could have been corrected but were not.

IceAlert indicator

The indicator wheel changes color as temperature alters.

Place the IceAlert indicator in your parking lots, walkways, stairs, exits, and any part of your premises exposed to icy conditions to warn patrons and employees of changing temperatures. The sign reminds them to proceed safety and limits property owners’ liabilities in an event of a slip and fall accident.

An IceAlert indicator wheel is fixed against a sturdy, 40 mil-thick aluminum sign. The wheel changes color (from silver to blue) with a change in temperature. As temperature approaches 37° F, the indicator reflects a silver star and changes to blue when temperature drops to 32° or below.

Powered by a thermostatic bi-metal coil, the indicator wheel needs no batteries, wiring, or chemicals to work. Made of medical grade polycarbonate, the same material used to manufacture bullet proof glass, the ice indicator does not crack or break in freezing temperatures.

The fully assembled unit consists of a temperature-sensitive indicator, mounting sign with message, anti-theft plate, and a 12” post section bracket for easy installation. For more details about this product, click here.

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