Automated Parking Systems Step Forward for Volkswagen’s Minivans

June 25, 2012

 The Volkswagen Caddy will feature an automated parking system (via

June 25, 2012 — Last week, Volkswagen announced that its small urban van, the Volkswagen Caddy, will soon be equipped with an automatic parking system, making it the first economy van distributed in the United States to be loaded with such advanced software. Intelligent Parking Assist Systems, developed by Toyota and first distributed in 2004, use onboard cameras, exterior sensors, and a computer operating system for safe and automatic reverse parallel parking.

When first developed, parking assist technology had a large score of problems. While the technology allowed for cars to safely park in unobstructed and relatively sizeable spaces, it was unable to detect the presence of small animals, traffic cones, and other below-the-bumper obstructions. The technology also had no way of determining if the space was actually big enough for the vehicle, which would cause the technology to permanently struggle without driver intervention.

from Despite previous complications, the automated parking technology was an avant-garde solution to an age-old difficulty (via

These complications led to the development of more advanced modifications to the software, which now detect virtually all obstacles (regardless of size – the most recent Lexus models boast that the car can park between two glasses of water), and feature technology that can detect the size of the desired space to ensure that the vehicle can fit safely. Despite the fact that this brand of technology is relatively new, it has undergone great strides in altering parking technology in luxury vehicles and small sedans. The next step for automated parking technologies is affordability – the feature has yet to become standard on any vehicle and can add upwards of $1,000 to car costs.

from Automated parking systems ensure an optimal parallel park in virtually any location (via

Volkswagen’s new distribution ties modern technology with a relatively affordable mid-sized van. Market trends suggest that this technology will be available on many car models released in 2013, which may segue into standardization of the technology across vehicle distributors worldwide.

– S. Walsh


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