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Curbside Pickup: Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

Follow these simple steps to set up curbside parking for your business:
-Get your online store and add products to sell
-Accept payments and give a pick-up time to buyers
-Enable local pickup by creating a curbside station
-Choose a location like a sidewalk, parking lot, patio, or a waiting room
-Make the pickup station visible by using canopies, banners, flags
-Set up conspicuous Curbside Pickup signs
-Ensure proper sanitization and safety of your staff
Both curbside pickup and drive-thru are off-premise sales. In both the services, customers don’t even have to leave their cars to pick up their purchases. In fact, after the COVID-19 pandemic, curbside pickup is being termed as the “new drive-thru”. While the drive-thru option was majorly an offering of food businesses, curbside pickup is used by any business selling products online. Typically, customers used to place their orders in drive-thru lanes and waited for their turn to pick up the order. In curbside pickup service, guests place their order online in advance, so their order is packed and they don’t have long waits in pickup lines.
Set up an attractive pickup station that stands out for passersby and brings attention to your curbside pickup service. Colored or printed canopies can be used that can be easily spotted from the road. When passersby see a banner or a flag with your company name or logo in your parking lot, they know there’s activity going on at your facility. Another inexpensive but effective solution is using Curbside Pickup Signs like sidewalk signs or wall signs. You can also spread the word using your social media account or updating your business listing on search engines by adding curbside pickup information.
Most businesses offer a myriad of payment options for consumers. In today’s digitally enabled world, customers can easily pay online after placing the order via website, apps or widely accepted digital payment channels. Some of the most popular payment modes include credit or debit card payments online, mobile POS payments, digital payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc or pay at pickup with credit, debit, gift cards, EBT, cash, or checks. There are some pay-later apps like Klarna and Afterpay, which are also getting popular.
Communicate with everyone that social distancing is important and indispensable in takeout and pickup lines. Use social distancing signage and ask everyone to maintain a distance of 6-feet. Give guidelines of social distancing with our Take Out Don't Hang Out signs. Warnings like “Do not gather in front of businesses after pick-up” and “Wear Face Covering” are an ideal way to ask people to maintain proper social distancing.
Take help of changeable message sidewalk signs which have 7 letter tracks and individual letters and numbers with which you can display your menu in a concise way. Another innovative option through which you can share the complete digital menu of your restaurant is our Custom QR Code Restaurant Menu Sign. All you have to do is enter the digital link and we’ll convert it into a QR code. Customers can scan the QR code and access the full menu without leaving their vehicles.