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Visitors Parking: Frequently Asked Questions


Managing visitor parking can be a daunting task for property owners. Some of the major visitor parking problems are:

Not enough spaces - Most of the time visitor parking spaces are not enough in a parking lot and this makes it difficult for parking managers to decide on how to fairly allocate a small number of spaces between many users.

Parking space abuse - Visitor parking spots are often misused by residents in condos, students in universities, and strangers in other properties. This particularly happens in high-traffic facilities.


Visitor parking can be a requirement in any facility where visitors must be given importance. Some of these facilities are listed below.

  • - University campuses
  • - Event grounds
  • - Government Buildings
  • - Hospitals/Medical Centers
  • - Hotels
  • - Parks
  • - Churches / Religious Places 

This really depends on the rules and bylaws set by the parking company or the property owner of the parking space. Number of factors determine if a car can get towed from the visitor parking space or not. Some of them are listed here -

No valid permit - If the use of parking space is controlled by a functional permit system, it is necessary for vehicles to have a valid visitor parking permit displayed.

Exceeding Parking Time - If a vehicle stays in a visitor parking space for more time than set by the owners, the vehicle may be subject to towing. One must always look for visitor parking signs to know about towing policies.

Exceeding Parking Turns - Some parking associations set the number of times a vehicle can park in the visitor parking spot. If that number is exceeded, the vehicle owner is liable to face repercussions.


There are various ways through which you can make your guests feel welcomed on your property. Some of them are -

Clean interiors - Declutter your interiors, and make sure all spaces (restrooms, reception, sanctuary, nursery) are clean. 

Beautiful signage - You can take help of elegant and sophisticated visitor parking signage with a welcome message to make your guests feel that they’re taken care of.

Designated Parking - You can reserve a parking space for visitors and even arrange valet service for them.

Directional Signage - While regular attenders know how to navigate your lot and find the best parking spots, visitors will not. You can use directional and other welcome visitors signage to guide your guests where they can park. Signs with directional arrows eliminate the need for parking attendants. 

Visitor parking is a common space provided for the guests to park their vehicles who visit a facility. The terms “Guest parking” and “Visitor parking” are often used interchangeably. However, some facilities can have separate guest parking and visitor parking facilities. Guest parking is found in hotels, offices, and apartment complexes. Visitor parking can be offered in a host of facilities like hospitals, universities and educational campuses, offices, and more.

This depends on parking regulations framed by the parking committee of a property. Visitor Parking program is common in residential societies across the country. In such societies, all residents receive resident parking permits as well as a certain number of visitor parking permits which can be used only by their own visitors. Such parking spaces are designated as Visitor Parking by Permit Only.

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