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Guest Parking: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is guest parking created?

Guest parking is an effective way to make your guests feel welcomed and save them the hassle of searching for a parking spot. It also helps you retain control of your parking lot and prevent unauthorized vehicles from taking up space.

Q. What actions can businesses take against unauthorized vehicles in guest parking spaces?


As long as a business has clearly marked a parking space with guest parking signs, any unauthorized vehicles parked in such reserved spaces can be fined and/or towed away, even at the expense of the vehicle owner. A verbal warning in the event of non-compliance beforehand can also work wonders.

Q. Can HOA’s enforce any guest parking rules?


HOA’s often implement parking programs to manage issues such as parking space shortages, extra and/or unauthorized vehicles taking up other people’s legitimate parking spaces, too many guest vehicles, and so on. These programs often have rules specific to guest parking like issuing guest parking permits. Breaking of program rules is often followed by fines, or towing away,

Q. How can guest parking be regulated?


Vehicle registration and parking permits are efficient ways to regulate parking in residential as well as commercial establishments. These permits may be time bound and/or paid. Another way to regulate parking and prevent unauthorized parking is by using unique passcodes for registration for each parking unit. There are a lot of apps and solutions available that can help you do all of this. Programs can be supplemented with guest/visitor signs to clearly demarcate parking spaces to allow smooth flow and organization.

Q. Are guest parking permits mandatory for guest parking for businesses?

Since parking rules and regulations are different across states and municipalities, and businesses can enforce their own rules for their establishments, guest parking permit requirements can also vary.

Q. Which places and events require guest parking facility?


Guest parking is a common facility provided by hotels, clubs, resorts, and other such establishments. Universities, churches, and businesses also provide this facility to enhance convenience for their guests, so do residential complexes and neighborhoods to ensure the residents have hassle-free access to parking and prevent unauthorized vehicles from taking undue advantage of the parking facility. 

Events such as conferences, weddings, exhibitions, and other private events also offer guest parking to save their guests the trouble of searching for available spaces.

Q. Is guest parking different from visitor parking?


The intent behind guest parking and visitor parking is the same, which is to reserve parking spaces for guests and visitors respectively. The difference is while guest implies an individual who has been invited while a visitor is any individual who visits a person or place, not necessarily on invitation.

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Looking for Guest Parking Signs?
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