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FlexBollard with Graphic: ADA Handicap Symbol FlexBollard (Concrete, Asphalt and Natural Ground Models) (K-9820) Learn More...

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Part# K-9820
Color Blue Bollard with White Reflective Strips
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Don't bother with parking blocks. Install a durable, impact-resistant FlexBollard to mark your acessible parking spaces.

  • Features the ISA on high-quality plastic materials, and 360° of flexibility.
  • Includes hardware for concrete, asphalt, and natural ground surfaces.
  • Available in two sizes: 52" x7" and 72" x 7". Each bollard includes a 9.5", steel base plate.
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  • 52" x 7"
  • FlexBollard© Parking System
  • FlexBollard - Asphalt Model
  • FlexBollard - Concrete Model
  • FlexBollard - Natural Ground Model
FlexBollard - Asphalt Model
Lasts 10+ years outside. All-weather coating offers great water and chemical resistance. Reboundable post flexes upon impact. Oct 3
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  • 9" x 9" e-coated 7 gauge square steel base, post and included hardware for asphalt installation.
  • Bollard sleeve coves are made of durable polyethylene (plastic).
  • Carbon steel torsion spring provides 360° of flexibility on impact.
  • Reflective strips enhance the visibility of the bollard.
  • Asphalt models come with zinc coated lag bolts, metal washers, and a set of receiver plugs.
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Size:52" x 7"
Material:FlexBollard - Asphalt Model
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