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FlexPost® Rigid Signpost: Natural Ground Model FlexPost Signpost (K2-0127) Learn More...

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Product Description

Easily install the FlexPost® Rigid Signpost Parking System into natural soil or grass. You get all the components of a traditional FlexPost® parking system with the difference being a "rigid steel adapter" instead of the flexible torsion spring.

  • The Signpost Parking System has ground spikes instead of the base plate. When struck, the rigid steel adapter sleeve bends at the thin diagonal laser cuts and stays that way until pulled upright.
  • Adapter withstands three to four collisions before the steel weakens. At that time, a replacement adapter may be purchased, or a (replacement) torsion spring can be substituted, effectively changing the unit to a traditional Flexpost if impacts continue to occur.
  • Sign Post delineates allowing you to see when and where impacts occur.
  • Comes with a 6 ft tall 1-5/8" diameter galvanize steel post that is corrosion resistant to withstand strong winds and severe weather.
  • Includes a pair of Sign Mounting Brackets to easily attach and install your sign without drilling.
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  • 72" x 3"
  • Flexpost Rigid
Flexpost Rigid
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  • The rugged 9" x 9" black powder-coated 7 gauge square steel base offers long-term weatherability, while keeping the unit firmly anchored into the ground.
  • Comes with a durable 6' (72") silver SS20 galvanized steel post, offering superior impact and corrosion resistance when compared to conventional steel. The galvanized steel post has a zinc corrosion resistant barrier that prevents oxidation, protects against chipping and maintains the fresh appearance.
  • The Flexpost Rigid has an adapter composed of a rigid steel sleeve with thin diagonal laser cuts designed to bend at a pivot point upon impact. When the post is struck and bent, it can be easily pulled back to the upright position.
  • Comes with a pair of mounting brackets suited for regulatory or traffic control signs, that allows for the effortless installation of your sign panel.
  • Available in 3 different models for a variety of surfaces such as natural ground for unpaved surfaces, or concrete and asphalt models.
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Size:72" x 3"
Material: Flexpost Rigid
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