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FlexPost® Rigid Signpost: Concrete Model FlexPost Signpost (K2-0125) Learn More...

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Product Description

Our FlexPost® Rigid is made from the same components as the traditional FlexPost®, with one key difference - the flexible torsion spring is substituted with a rigid steel adapter that when bent can be returned to its original upright position. Installs on concrete surfaces in minutes!

  • When struck, the rigid steel adapter sleeve will bend at the thin diagonal laser cuts and stay that way until pulled upright.
  • Adapter withstands 3-4 collisions before the steel weakens. At that time a replacement adapter may be purchased, or a (replacement) torsion spring can be substituted effectively changing the unit to a traditional Flexpost if impacts continue to occur.
  • Post delineates allowing you to see when and where impacts occur.
  • Comes with a 6 ft tall 1-5/8" diameter galvanize steel post that is corrosion resistant to withstand strong winds and severe weather.
  • Includes a pair of Sign Mounting Brackets to easily attach and install your sign without drilling.
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  • 72" x 3"
  • Flexpost Rigid
Flexpost Rigid
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  • The rugged 9" x 9" black powder-coated 7 gauge square steel base offers long-term weatherability, while keeping the unit firmly anchored into the ground.
  • Comes with a durable 6' (72") silver SS20 galvanized steel post, offering superior impact and corrosion resistance when compared to conventional steel. The galvanized steel post has a zinc corrosion resistant barrier that prevents oxidation, protects against chipping and maintains the fresh appearance.
  • The Flexpost Rigid has an adapter composed of a rigid steel sleeve with thin diagonal laser cuts designed to bend at a pivot point upon impact. When the post is struck and bent, it can be easily pulled back to the upright position.
  • Comes with a pair of mounting brackets suited for regulatory or traffic control signs, that allows for the effortless installation of your sign panel.
  • Available in 3 different models for a variety of surfaces such as natural ground for unpaved surfaces, or concrete and asphalt models.
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Size:72" x 3"
Material: Flexpost Rigid
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