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9 ft. FlexPost® XL Signpost : Flexpost XL Signpost Parking System with 9 ft. Post (K2-4417) Learn More...

Product Description

The perfect combination of durable and flexible, the Flexpost XL will provide years of trouble-free maintenance while the shock-absorbing design reduces damage to parking lot areas.

  • Reboundable post withstands high-speed impacts with a 360° degree range of motion.
  • Rugged galvanized coated steel base with hidden 5/16" thick steel spring.
  • Includes a 8.75 ft tall 2-3/8" galvanized steel post that is treated to withstand chipping, weathering and corrosion.
  • Minimizes damage to vehicles and parking surfaces.
  • Easily accommodates large regulatory signs.
  • Includes one set of two brackets for mounting signs.
  • Durable construction endures abuse, wear and tear—eliminating replacement cost.
  • Available in variety of installation options including concrete, asphalt and adhesive models.
  • The hidden steel base is backed by a lifetime warranty, if it ever malfunctions simply send it back and we'll replace it.
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  • 8.75 ft Post (9 ft Overall)
  • 9 ft. Flexpost XL Signpost System
  • 9 ft. Flexpost XL - Adhesive Model
  • 9 ft. Flexpost XL - Asphalt Model
  • 9 ft. Flexpost XL - Concrete Model
  • 9 ft. Flexpost XL - Natural Ground Model
9 ft. Flexpost XL - Adhesive Model
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  • Galvanized coated 3/8" thick square steel base with hidden 5/16" thick steel spring.
  • Includes a durable 8.75' (105") silver SS20 galvanized steel post measuring 2-3/8" in diameter. The finished height is 9 ft.
  • Reboundable spring provides 360° of flexibility.
  • Includes a pair of XL mounting brackets designed to fit 2-3/8" diameter posts.
  • Adhesive models come with a high-strength polyurethane adhesive anchoring kit. Not recommended for asphalt applications.
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Material: 9 ft. Flexpost XL - Adhesive Model
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