Portable Sign Holders

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Roll 'n' Pole Sign Holder can be configured for a myriad of different locations and environments. Handicapped Blue base is great for displaying temporary handicap parking signs and other regulatory.

  • Will never rust, discolor or need repainting.
  • Compatible with post mount signs ranging from 9" x 12" to 24" x 24" (excluding 10" x 14" rectangles and 24" x 24" diamond shaped signs) and 12" x 36".
  • Security bolt located on the neck of the base impedes removal or tampering, while increasing the stability of the sign.
  • EZ-grip finial knob located on top of the pole allows you to effortlessly move the unit.
  • Kit weighs 10 lbs and the 5 gallon capacity ballast can be filled with water, sand, or gravel increasing the weight and allowing the unit to withstand winds of up to 40 mph.
  • 3 feet are sculpted into the base and prevent the sign from rocking.
  • Available in 4.25' and 5.25' tall HDPE 2" inch diameter poles, that won't crack in the wind.
  • Available in 4 color options: standard black, danger red, handicapped blue or safety yellow.
  • Please note portable bases are intended for temporary parking solutions. ADA compliant parking spots need to feature signage 60" above the ground, measured from the bottom of the sign. Please see our Sign Post Department for permanent installation options.
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  • Metal Portable Sign Base
  • Plastic Portable Sign Base
  • Rubber Portable Sign Base

2 :
  • 18" Base, 10 lbs.
  • 18" Base, 10 lbs.
  • 24" Base, 10 lbs.
  • 24" XL Base, 15 lbs.
  • 24" XL Base, 15 lbs.

3 Select Color:
  • Roll 'n' Poll Premium 4-1/4 ft tall - Black
  • Roll 'n' Poll Premium 4-1/4 ft tall - Black
  • Roll 'n' Poll Premium 4-1/4 ft tall - Red
  • Roll 'n' Poll Premium 4-1/4 ft tall - Yellow
  • Roll 'n' Poll Premium 4-1/4 ft tall - Blue

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    Coroplast Panel
    Total Price
    Label has 7 years outdoor durability. Good water resistance.This is one of our better selling products.Great water and chemical resistanceAccommodates insert panels on the front & rear of the unit. Apr 18
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    • Made from rust-proof plastic technopolymers to withstand harsh weather environments.
    • Heavy-duty base to maintain stability in winds up to 40 MPH.
    • Poles are made from HDPE for better durability in low temperatures and higher impact resistance.
    • Ballast port with a capacity of 2.5 gallons, adding 19-21 lbs of weight for increased stability.
    • Includes soft edge "Stability Plates" with rounded corners to prevent the sign from twisting and bending in the wind.
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    Customer Reviews

    Man User Icon
    Apr 11, 2024

    Size: 48" x 17" Material Type: Cast Iron 17" Base for Signs   Verified Purchase

    Great service

    very sturdy
    Man User Icon
    Apr 09, 2024

    Size: 50" x 18" Material Type: Roll 'n' Pole Premium Portable Sign Holder Base   Verified Purchase


    Works and looks just as advertised. Thanks!
    Apr 08, 2024

    Size: 48" x 14" Material Type: Cast Iron 14" Base for Signs   Verified Purchase


    Apr 02, 2024

      Verified Purchase

    packaging issues

    The post and base arrived with no scratches, which I am totally surprised. The box did not do so well. The box and bubble wrap were not substantial enough for the size and weight of the posts and base. Basically no prep, no proper wrapping of the base or securing it in the box. UPS at some point had to put extra tape on the box to keep it together and 3 straps to hold it together. There was an additional weight charge fee that was assessed at the time of ordering. I have attached one picture, but not able to attach others.
    Man User Icon
    Apr 02, 2024

      Verified Purchase

    My review

    High quality, Heavy duty, Well worth the money.