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Six Tips for Better Stop Signs
4. Highlight with a Post Blazer
Make Sure Sign is Noticed
Blazers add dazzle to your signs and help prevent accidents. Turn the post into a Retroreflective surface. These fluorescent, hard-to-miss, prismatic reflectors draw the driver's eye - day and night. Use to increase intersection safety or when signs or when signs are partially obstructed from view.
Your post becomes a highly conspicuous and reflective surface especially during the treacherous hours at dawn, dusk and at night.
Blazers attach in seconds to standard U-channel posts with self-tapping screws (included).
The dual colored V-Blazers direct attention to the sign above. They are ideal for Stop Signs.
Not Just Public Roads
Halogen and other bright headlights are found on later model cars. Although they do a much better job illuminating the road, they can be quite blinding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. As a result, their beam coverage is often "cut-off" lower than you find with traditional headlights.
Correspondingly, the amount of light directed at signs mounted above the beam cut-off is also reduced. Signs can appear duller.
To address this, higher grade Retroreflective signs and sign Post Panels and Blazers are often used. Blazers use diamond grade reflective sheeting.
Post Panels use engineer grade films with an eye catching striped design