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Roll 'n' Pole Portable Sign Holder: Roll 'n' Pole Standard Black Base with 54in. Pole (K-ROLL-1087) Learn More...

Part# K-ROLL-1087
Color Black
Contents Kit weighs 10 lbs. and includes: 1 Rolling Sign Base (Black), 1 - 54" inch predrilled sign pole, 1 finial knob/handle, 4 stabilizer plates, 1 split flanged bushing, 1 set of pole stops with screws, 2 bolts and 2 flange nuts.

Product Description

Black Roll 'n' Pole Sign Holder with 54" pole is great for anywhere temporary signage is needed. Recessed wheels eliminate the need to lift or carry the base.

  • Will never rust, discolor or need repainting.
  • Compatible with signs ranging from 9" x 12" to 24" x 24" (excluding 24" x 24" diamond shaped signs) and 12" x 36".
  • Security bolt located on the neck of the base impedes removal or tampering, while increasing the stability of the sign.
  • EZ-grip finial knob located on top of the pole allows you to effortlessly move the unit.
  • The 2.5 gallon capacity ballast can be filled with water, sand, or gravel increasing the weight and allowing the unit to withstand winds of up to 40 mph.
  • 3 feet are sculpted into the base and prevent the sign from rocking.
  • Available with 42" inch and 54" inch tall HDPE 2" inch diameter pole, that won't crack in the cold.
  • Available in 4 color options: standard black, danger red, handicapped blue or safety yellow.
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    Label has 7 years outdoor durability. Good water resistance.This is one of our better selling products.Great water and chemical resistanceAccommodates insert panels on the front & rear of the unit. Apr 7
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    • Rolling Portable Pole Sign Holders are made from rustproof plastic technopolymers to withstand harsh environments. Whether its snow, rain, sleet, or the baking heat of summer this durable material won't fracture, break or degrade.
    • The heavy-duty base and split flanged bushing provides support to the sign post - helping to maintain stability when subjected to wind loads of up to 40 mph.
    • Pre-drilled poles are made of High-Density Polyethyene (HDPE) which is thicker than PVC and won't get brittle in low temperatures - delivering higher impact resistance.
    • For additional weight and stability in windy conditions, the base of the sign holder has two built-in ballast ports that are able to accept water, sand, or gravel. The ballast port has a capacity of 2.5 gallons, adding an extra 19-21 lbs of weight.
    • Includes four new and improved soft edge 'Stability Plates' with rounded corners allowing your sign to sit flush against the pole to prevent twisting and bending in the wind. Sign holders are compatible with 9" x 12" to 24" x 24" and 12" x 36" sized signs.
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    Customer Reviews

    Man User Icon
    Mar 20, 2020

    Size: 58" x 18" Material Type: Roll 'n' Pole Portable Sign Holder   Verified Purchase

    Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy

    Unfortunately, the pre-drilled holes don't match up with most signs but if your handy enough, you can make it work. Its maybe off by a few centimeters. The pole itself is sturdy enough but what i expected. Nonetheless it gets the job done!
    MyParkingSign: Thanks for the feedback on your order. We apologize for slight misplacement on the holes.
    Woman User Icon
    Jul 10, 2019

    Size: 58" x 18" Material Type: Roll 'n' Pole Portable Sign Holder   Verified Purchase

    Great customer service, issue with item description.

    I’m rating the purchase as 5 stars because the customer service was great. Sheldon handled my issue and I received a partial refund because the item I received was not as described. That being said the base functions well enough and gets the job done. I would shop with them again.
    Woman User Icon
    Jun 14, 2019

    Size: 58" x 18" Material Type: Roll 'n' Pole Portable Sign Holder   Verified Purchase


    Love the wheels, great idea!
    Man User Icon
    Jun 11, 2019

    Size: 58" x 18" Material Type: Roll 'n' Pole Portable Sign Holder   Verified Purchase

    love it

    easy to assemble and easy to manage
    Man User Icon
    May 23, 2019

    Size: 58" x 18" Material Type: Roll 'n' Pole Portable Sign Holder   Verified Purchase

    Looks great, easy to assemble, and easy to move.

    The sign posts are great and were very easy to put together. My only gripe is that the poles flex quite a bit when the base is filled with water, but it's fairly trivial as long as you're careful with them. All the holes line up perfectly and the hardware is included. Would buy again!