Pregnant On Board Vinyl Cut Label: Pregnant Driver - Please Leave Room So I Can Open The Door Properly (With Graphic) (LB-2611) Learn More...

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Part# LB-2611
Color Black
Shape Square

Product Description

A blocked driver's side door can be a real trouble for a pregnant driver. Tell fellow parkers to show some concern and leave some room while parking so that she has a little extra space to open the door and get into her car comfortably.

  • Label comes with adhesive on the front to stick on the inside of the window.
  • Bold pictogram showing a pregnant woman gets drivers' attention.
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  • 3" x 3"
  • Standard Adhesive
  • Laminated Vinyl
Laminated Vinyl
Lasts 5+ years outside. Printing or lamination resists attack by chemicals and water. Can conform to a curved surface. Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface. 160ºF Sep 22
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  • Durable, 4 mil thick vinyl.
  • Laminated for durability.
  • Write on labels with a marker.
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Size:3" x 3"
Material:Laminated Vinyl
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