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Clips to Attach Sign to Fence: Chain Link Fence Attachment Kit – Pair of EZ-Clips (FENCE-CLIP-02) Learn More...

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2 Fence Clips, 2 1/4" bolt, 2 5/32" screw & matching washers (2 Clips per Kit)

Product Description

Lock your sign onto chain link fence. Universial design for all hole sizes. 1-person installation.

  • This is simply the best fence clip you will find. Curved clip design locks your signs to chain-link fences. Clip accommodates all types of fences and signs.
  • Constructed of heavy duty, rust-free galvanized steel, kit also includes stainless steel bolts and nylon washers.
  • Three 3/8" holes and three 3/16" holes run down the bracket and allow for easy positioning while lining up the sign.
  • Universal clips are compatible with any of our 2 hole or 4 hole signs and can be used on signs from 5” to 72" wide.
  • Kit includes bracket and matching hardware for both 3/8" hole diameter and 3/16" hole diameter signs.
  • Use a standard wrench to tighten up the 1/4" bolt and a flat head screw driver to tighten the 5/32" screw.
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  • 1" x 4"
  • Rigid Signs
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    Fence Bracket
Fence Bracket
May 23
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  • Brackets are made of heavy duty galvanized steel and measures .10" thick.
  • Hardware works with signs that have 3/8" hole diameters and 3/16" hole diameters. Compatible with all our aluminum signage.
  • Each bracket includes two 1/4" thread 3/4" long bolts, two 5/32" thead 1/2" long screws, and 4 nylon washers.
  • Accommodates link spacing from 1-7/8" to 2-3/8", which works well with most fencing.
  • Bracket is equipped with 3, 3/8" holes and 3, 3/16" holes. The different holes allow you to mount signs ranging from 5" x 10" up to 48" x 72". Four brackets are recommended for larger signs that have four holes.
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Size:1" x 4"
Material:Fence Bracket
2 Clips/Kit
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Per Kit
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Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
Apr 28, 2022

  Verified Purchase

Its ok but nothing special

I've only had it on at this point for a couple of days. The sign I got fastens very securely to the brackets. Works well in that regard. The brackets themselves fasten very loosely to the fence, which kind of defeats the purpose. The sign still rattles against the fence during wind. I don't imagine it will fall off for any reason but its still a detractor in my opinion. Its working okay, but I have trouble imagining this is a better option over simple zip ties.
Woman User Icon
Apr 27, 2022

  Verified Purchase

never received

never received
Woman User Icon
Mar 30, 2022

Size: 1" x 4" Material Type: Bracket for Chain-Link Fence   Verified Purchase


Exactly what we needed! Fast shipping and the best price I found online.
Woman User Icon
Mar 17, 2022

Size: 1" x 4" Material Type: Bracket for Chain-Link Fence   Verified Purchase

Great company to work with. :)

Fantastic Customer Service / good quality product
Man User Icon
Feb 23, 2022

  Verified Purchase

Great idea

Great idea, I'm glad somebody thought of this. Works well. Now I don't have to fabricate a fence sign holder.