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LED Stop Slow Paddle Canada: LED Stop-Slow Sign for Canada with Rechargable Battery and Charger (K-2193-LED-CA) Learn More...

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Part# K-2193-LED-CA
Colors Red, Black, Fluorescent Yellow Green
Shape Octagon

Product Description

LED Stop and Slow sign shines out and grabs the attention of people driving by. This double sided paddle is the perfect tool for any school crossing guard or traffic control personnel.

  • Each sign face is equipped with 3M Reflective Sheeting and LED lights within the lettering of the sign. When illuminated the sign is visible up to 1 mile away.
  • Fluorescent Yellow Green "Slow" side is compliant in Canada.
  • Sign features 2 different lighting modes and a power button on each side. Click once for flashing LED light, twice for steady LED light, and a third time to shut off the sign.
  • Paddles come with a rechargeable battery and charger. Sign will last 3.5 hours on steady LED light or 6.5 hours on flashing LED light.
  • Automatic tilt shut off allows you to save battery without the annoyance of turning the sign on and off. Simply point the sign towards the ground and the LED lights turn off. Raise the sign back to the upright position to turn on the LED lights when needed.
  • Foam grip handle and lightweight design increases comfort and keeps your personnel alert for any safety situation. The 18" size is approximately 2 lbs and the 24" size is approximately 4 lbs. Paddles comes with a wrist strap to help prevent dropping.
  • Paddles can be paired up with our Crossing Guard Extension Pole for an increase in visibility. Pole is 4ft tall and can extend up to 8ft - great for busy intersections.
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  • 18" x 18"
  • Standard Signs
  • LED Stop Paddle-Canada
LED Stop Paddle-Canada
Lasts 10+ years outside. Sign reflects light from a flashlight. This is one of our good selling products. Great water and chemical resistance 168ºF Mounts with screws or clips. Apr 14
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  • Signs features 3M High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting on both sides. Features fluorescent yellow/green color on the "Slow" side of the paddle.
  • Each sign face has LED lights within the STOP text. 45 LED bulbs per side, and is visible over 1 mile away.
  • Sign operates in a flashing LED light mode and a steady LED light mode. Each sign face is equipped with it's own power button so you can utilize different modes on each side. Pressing the button once operates the flashing light, pressing it twice operates the steady light and pressing it a third time shuts the sign off.
  • Sign features an automatic tilt shut off function. The paddle stays illuminated when in the upright position, but when pointed towards the ground, the LED lights turn off to conserve energy.
  • Lightweight design, all-weather Foam Handle and wrist strap provide long-lasting comfort for the operator. Handle is 5 13/16" in length with a 4" foam piece. Sign weighs 1.2lbs.
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Size:18" x 18"
Material:LED Stop Paddle-Canada
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