5 funny bumper stickers that highlight the resilience of the human race

July 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

Since the dawn of time, humans have been facing situations with boundless wit, sarcasm, and sometimes frighteningly dark humor. How else could we have survived the ice age? And we’re still doing it today, broadcasting out our sense of humor with every available avenue, including our cars. Bumper stickers provide a wonderful source of entertainment while driving (or…parking). So, we at MyParkingSign have found five funny bumper stickers that really encapsulate the comedy of the human experience.

1. A sense of humor in all situations

funny bumper sticker 'you're probably pulling me over'

Even when you know you’re about to be ticketed. Well, at least the officer will be in a good mood before he gives you a ticket (photo by Dave Linger).

The first step in dealing with an inevitable and bad situation is resignation. The second is laughing at yourself. When our ancestors went mammoth hunting and were cornered by a saber toothed tiger, they resigned themselves to fate, laughed at their own stupidity, and at least a few of them escaped to propagate the human race.

2. Desperate and mad hope

funny bumper sticker anti-theft sticker

It just might. How do you know this car doesn’t belong to a CIA agent with access to all sorts of inventions we know nothing about? (Image via ODDEE)

This is exactly how humanity has survived since we could first walk on two legs. Desperate measures. If you’re being attacked by a bear, what are you told to do? Lie down and play dead. How do you think someone figured this out? Someone was desperate and took action. Or that person collapsed from fear…either way, it worked. And I bet that this sticker actually deters one in four criminals.

3. Taking action when faced with utter and complete frustration

Funny bumper sticker nobody cares about stick figure family

Just putting it out there, but I have not seen one stick figure with giant, curly hair (like mine), and that is a problem (image via T4R).

We take action. We don’t like a poster? Draw all over it. Back a car into a tree? Kick the tree. This is probably the thinking that fueled the discovery of fire. Our stoic and hairy ancestors were frustrated with the raw meat, their hair turning to ice, and assembly being required on literally everything. One of these frustrated individuals was so angry that he smashed a rock against another rock over and over again, and a fire was created.

4. Honesty

funny bumper sticker 'day not complete until a stranger is terrified'

Let’s hope the driver of this car is referring to practical jokes rather than terrifying someone with their driving skills (image via Brian Hawkins).

I know I know, many people lie and cheat. But the honest ones are the ones who have kept the world in one piece. What famous pre-battle speech have you heard that doesn’t start with or imply “I’m not going to lie to you?” When some humans left Africa, did their leader lie and say he knew exactly what was ahead? No, he didn’t, and we made it to Europe. Look at that.

5. Trust issues and cynicism

funny bumper sticker 'don't believe anything until it's been officially denied'

Clearly, this motorist has no faith in leadership (photo by Mike Lewinski).

We often quickly learn to mistrust our leaders and give them a hard time by challenging their authority at every turn. Trust issues have most likely kept many a hunter-gatherer from getting unwittingly killed by another hunter-gatherer. It’s a safe approach; it’s tried and tested. So go ahead cynics, enjoy your long, paranoid lives.


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