Free parking in Bayonne to lure shoppers until New Year

| December 11, 2013 | 1 Comment

The city of Bayonne, New Jersey has lifted parking fees in certain areas for the entire month of December. City officials hope that the free parking in Bayonne will help generate holiday business.

The Bayonne Parking Utility has suspended parking fees at the city’s metered parking spots for all non-commercial vehicles. “The free parking program will encourage people to visit Bayonne and do their holiday shopping in local stores,” Mayor Mark A. Smith says.

According to the official website, the free parking in Bayonne “does not apply to commercial vehicles or to on-street parking meters. All commercial and non-commercial drivers must continue feeding the meters on the streets.”

The current paid permit program, which applies to commercial vehicles that park overnight in the lots, also remains in effect.

Sunset at Bayonne Bridge

Due to free parking in the city, the Bayonne Bridge may see more traffic than usual this holiday season. Image by Alex Goldmark

Free parking in Bayonne will end on January 1, 2014, after which normal parking fee will apply. Typically, drivers are charged 25 cents every half an hour of parking with a maximum amount of $5 that can be inserted in a parking meter.

Mayor Smith has thanked the Bayonne Parking Utility for introducing the annual free parking policy again during the 2013 holiday season. “I would like to encourage everyone who lives or works in Bayonne to spread the word about this holiday season parking lot program,” he adds.

Free parking in other cities

Parking authorities in other cities too, have introduced similar programs to boost holiday business. One of them is the Philadelphia Parking Authority, which will not enforce expired meter violations between 11 am and 5 pm on Saturdays in December at specific areas in the city.

Boston officials have also introduced 2013 Holiday Programs, which include free parking on certain days, resolving parking tickets by giving toys, and a 20 percent discount on meter cards.

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  1. Kerry says:

    While further down the street…..on December 18, 2013, Bayonne’s issuing tickets galore! Even to the handicapped!

    Yesterday, Dec. 17, 2013, as it snowed on and off the whole day, metermaid “1155” groped under the snow on my windshield to pull up my car’s windshield wiper to affix an overtime parking ticket.

    She tore the wiper blade clean away from the metal necessitating that I buy two new blades. I drove to a town that has all it’s meters covered up with festive little red bags!

    Had she groped in the snow just a little bit more, she’d have noticed there was a handicapped placard hanging on the rear mirror! The difference between law-abiding and non-law-abiding. The assumption being….I was not a law-abiding citizen. Nice.

    I had parked just prior to 10:00 a.m., filled the meter (two hours is all it accepts) and she affixed the ticket at 12:17 p.m. My handicapped parking placard permits me to stay in that spot a full twenty-four hours – LEGALLY. I would think a metermaid would want to MAKE SURE she is properly ticketing….but not “1155.”

    When leaving my office at 3:00 p.m., noticing the “dent” dug in the snow, I was amazed to find the soggy embedded in the several layers of snow!

    Now I will have to go to court on Feb. 3, 2014 to fight this ticket! I’m thinking of bringing along a snowbrush for metermaid “1155” …so she can curtail groping and ripping windshield wipers – and MAYBE EVEN spot a handicapped parking placard in the effort!

    I’d JUST pay the ticket…’cept the new wiper blades cost almost as much! I’ll use a comp day.



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