FlexMailbox survives impact and vandalism

April 1, 2013 | 0 Comments
flexmailbox bouncing back from impact

A Flexmailbox has steel post can bend on impact from any direction.

All kinds of things can damage our mailboxes: vandalism, careless driving, patches of ice, and even your trash collector. The elements take their toll on them too; mailboxes battle heaps of snow, flowing debris, gusty winds, and sleet.

There’s less reason to worry now, however. The new FlexMailbox is made to last: it instantly rebounds to the full upright position upon impact with little or no damage to both your mailbox or the colliding vehicle. Even when completely flattened by a car, it returns to its original position leaving minimal scratches, if any, to the vehicle.

Flexible Mailbox System features a rigid steel base, a steel post with shock-absorbing spring, and a mailbox. The steel post can bend 360 degrees in the event of a collision by vehicle, and the post will hold up the mailbox even with snow or debris accumulated on it. Available in three models for installation on a variety of surfaces concrete, natural ground, and asphalt), FlexMailbox can be positioned easily to cause no damage to the ground it stands on.

mail 1 mail 2 flexmailbox installation model 1

The FlexMailbox is available in 3 models for installation in natural ground, asphalt, and concrete. What’s more? Made of galvanized steel and coated with a zinc and clear topcoat, the mailbox post resists chipping, fading, rust, and weather for a longer life-span.


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