Passport Parking app means you don’t have to stress anymore

August 7, 2013

Finding parking in the city is a hassle that not even the most patient come out of without a few frizzled hairs.


Downtown parkers can pay with a smartphone app (photo via Great Falls Tribune).

Let me remind you: finding parking=stressful

First, you have circle your car around the block over and over again like a vulture waiting for scraps.  Then when you see a space, you pounce and do some crazy parallel parking job between two cars with a barely usable amount of space.  Finally, you’re parked!  But then you have to scrounge around your car for loose change to feed the meter that only accepts coins.

Due to advancements in IT and finance, which yielded us this really cool thing called the credit card, most of us don’t have a lot of spare change these days.  That means we are often limited to how long we can stay in a place we enjoy before we have to give up our spot to someone else with more change.  Even if you have coins, you are often living under the tyranny of a meter that will expire “sometime.”  It’s the most inconvenient thing when you have to disrupt your whole adventure to check on the meter.

Solutions are cropping up

Don’t despair; all these inconveniences will soon become anachronisms. Obsolete parking payment systems will be replaced by superior solutions incorporating the latest breakthroughs in mobile and cloud computing. One of these very solutions is offered by a software startup known as Passport Parking.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Passport Parking aims to revolutionize the harrowing experience of parking. Passport Parking offers a whole suite of parking solutions to all aspects of the parking experience.

You can access Passport Parking through its website and its mobile app. It offers mobile payment, ticketing and enforcement and operations management services.

With Android and iOS based devices you can simply pay for parking with your smartphone (I’m just happy thinking of all the coins I wouldn’t have to worry about).  All you have to do is register yourself in the secure app and input your parking space number and the amount of time you want to park. Done!  No need to even get out your credit card.

You can call or text for payment as well as visit their website.  The app could also send you text message alerts 15 minutes before your meter expires. Viewing your parking history and receipts is just a few swipes away as well.

PassPort Parking Info Label for Meters

You will find these Passport Parking labels on parking meters outfitted with the latest systems for mobile parking payment (via KRTV).[/caption]Passport Parking makes paying for parking tickets a breeze – and less depressing.  You no longer need to mail in cash or checks.  You can pay off any infractions right through a built-in feature on the app.

Parking enforcement will get easier

Using geo-space mapping software, Passport Parking can effectively see when a user has overstayed the time allotted to them by the parking meter. A ticket is immediately sent through the cloud to the parking operators and one is put on your account.  No longer do parking enforcers have to patrol around in three-wheeled cars to check who is legally parked and who is not.

Passport Parking’s advantage over its competition is integration. The company includes all the services and capabilities required to carry out the service of public parking into a single, efficient and streamlined product.  Whether you’re an enforcement officer, parking lot operator or a standard driving citizen, Passport Parking has solutions that will make your life a lot easier.

As Passport Parking rolls out across more municipalities and states across the country, it may only be a matter of time before you never have to comb your car for coins again.

Old-fashioned parking meters
Obsolete meters taking coins will soon be a thing of the past as they are replaced by ones powered by the cloud (via 123RF).

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