USPS Will Never Skip Your Mailbox Now

February 23, 2017

Before you tweet about the irony of a USPS carrier taking the trouble of leaving a “blocked mailbox” note on your mailbox instead of delivering your mail, consider this:

The USPS website says, “Subject to state laws and regulations, a curbside mailbox must be placed to allow safe and convenient delivery by carriers without leaving their vehicles.” In other words, the postal carrier shouldn’t have to exit the vehicle to deliver your mail. Carriers work on strict schedules, so this rule prevents mail delivery delays. It also protects carriers from hazards such as pesky dogs and dangerous neighborhoods.

The rule is only overlooked under in special circumstances. For example, if a mail requires a signature, if the mailbox is temporarily obstructed during normal delivery hours, or if ice or snow accumulation blocks the box.

But, if carriers find the box obstructed every time a delivery is scheduled, the USPS can withdraw delivery service, and you’d have to pick up your mail from the post office.

The solution is straightforward: always keep your mailbox clear of obstructions. Sounds simple enough when it is your own car that’s getting in the way of your mail. But when it’s your neighbor’s car, trash cans from the waste collection company, utility workers and other non-residents parked on your curbside, things get tricky. Unless you plan to keep a watchful eye on your curbside 24/7, we suggest you opt for Do Not Block Mailbox signs.

Install these signs around 10 inches on either side of your curbside mailbox to keep the path clear. For persistent violators, make sure you have a serious sign with a strong message that deters future parking in that spot.

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