Three Things to Consider When Choosing Student Drop-Off Signs

April 20, 2017

Drop-off signs are critical to making school pick-up and drop-off orderly. But standard drop-off signs can only do so much. Parents often treat drop-off lanes as “meeting points” to catch up with other parents or have that one minute Q&A with the teacher.

For an efficient drop-off process, consider having signs with these features.

Time limit

Kids can be complicated to wrangle, which can cause delays in the loading zone. Forget lunch money? Delays. Left backpack in the trunk? Delays. Didn’t sign the permission slip? Delays. Many parents struggle to clear out of loading zones quickly.

To stop this, it’s a good idea to set a time limit for your student drop-offs to prevent last minute parenting and keep traffic jams out of your loading zone.


Make sure you point to the drop-off zone at regular intervals, starting from the main entrance to school. Directional signs like these can prevent any holdup.


Specific drop-off instructions like these eliminate any confusion once cars enter school or when drop-off queues start. These also prevent cars inadvertently blocking fire lanes or carpool lanes.

Put up portable and large drop-off signs when car queues get long or when drop-off lanes change temporarily. Place them at different points in the drop off lane for added visibility.

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