Brand your store’s parking lot!

April 25, 2017

Unauthorized parking is a constant annoyance for retailers, because unwanted people take up parking spots that customers might use. But MyParkingSign has a solution that can help: retailer parking signs with your business’ branding and logo!
Macy Customer Parking Only Sign

Highlight your parking and mark parking spots for your customers with our line of Retailer Chain Signs. Pre-printed with company’s logo, you can use these signs to assign parking exclusively to your customers and employees. Signs can also be customized to communicate a targeted message.

Taco Bell Custom Parking Sign

We offer parking signs for a wide variety of national chains, including retailers like Walmart, restaurants like Taco Bell; hotels like Sheraton, and other chains like Staples or AT&T. Custom parking signs with your logo can be useful branding materials, especially in malls and complexes where parking is shared by many stores.

AT&T Reserved Parking Sign

Note on branded products: we will only process orders for branded products made from valid company email addresses. If you place an order for one of these products, your order will be automatically placed on hold until your email address is confirmed by one of our employees.


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