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Custom Parking Signage: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are custom parking signs?


Custom parking signs are sign templates that you can personalize to suit your preferences. These signs let you add your text and contact information to the sign, and modify features such as colors, font, symbols, and graphics.

Q. Are customized parking signs enforceable?


Custom parking signs are usually enforceable as these indicate the owner’s right to make rules and policies for his property. For the signs to be enforceable on public accessible lots, these should be reflective to meet DOT requirements and also comply with the MUTCD guidelines. Additionally, you should also check with your local authority for any other parking signage requirements.

Q. What are the benefits of using custom parking signs over stock signs?


Custom parking signs help you add a personal touch to your parking signage and make it stand out. These signs give you the freedom to choose the words, graphics, and design. You may get creative and use a polite, strict, or funny tone to convey your message. 

They let you add your contact information, which may not be possible with stock signs. Additionally, by allowing you to add your logo and/or company name, custom parking signs also serve as a smart marketing opportunity. 

Q. Are there any standards that govern custom parking signs?


While there are no standards specific to custom parking signs, these should be designed in compliance with the MUTCD parking sign guidelines (section 2B.40) that govern the colors to be used on case-specific signs, information structure, use of symbols, words, shapes, and graphics, and sign placement. Customized parking signs for private parking spaces have more flexibility than ones intended for public areas.

There may be specific requirements for custom parking signs mandated by local traffic authorities. Please check to ensure compliance. 

Q. What factors should be kept in mind when creating a custom parking sign?


While custom parking signs give you considerable creative liberty, it is important that you keep certain things in mind while creating one to ensure better compliance and enforceability. It would be best if you refrained from crowding the sign with too many words or graphics; otherwise, it may fail to communicate the most critical information. 

It is equally vital to select the right font style and size depending on the sign location, message, light conditions, and regulatory requirements. Your choice of sign size can also make or break your communication effectiveness. A size too small may not attract or hold attention, while one that is too large may not be aesthetically pleasing and look out of place. 

Your intended usage will determine the sign type that you’ll need. Use wall signs, adhesive signs and labels, and stencils for a long-term/permanent installation and portable signs for temporary/need-based use. Plastic signs are more economical, while aluminum signs last a long time. 

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