3 addictively fun online parking games

September 27, 2013

Parking your car might be a pain in crowded streets, so mix it up and park at your computer! While beginner levels of these addictively fun parking games may be a cakewalk, reaching higher levels requires dexterity and strategizing – just like in the real world. Here are the top three online parking games that take the drudgery out of parking and test your maneuvering skills.

1.     Parking Mania

Parking Mania 1 starts off simply enough (or so it seems). You just have to park your car in a designated spot. You can use the arrows on the keyboard to move in the direction you want. The up arrow will accelerate the car, the down arrow will reverse your car, and the sideways arrows will turn your car right or left. The space bar works as a brake. You need to gently maneuver the car, otherwise you could crash it.

Parking Mania 2 has cars in parking spots on both sides of the spot you need to get your car in.  Additionally, you have to avoid cars on the road. Higher levels involve parallel parking, night parking, and other challenges. There are online video tutorials available in case you get stuck at a level.

2. American Tow Truck

American Tow Truck makes you feel powerful as you tow cars to the towing zone. The controls are similar to the ones used in Parking Mania, but you can use the letter X to hook and unhook cars. Played 1,959,985 times on, it has a large following.

One edge American Tow Truck has on other games (like Parking Mania) is complexity. You can see parks, houses, and other buildings as you make your way around the city. You compete with yourself to beat your own towing records, so you can always make the game interesting.

3. Driver’s Ed 2

Driver's Ed 2- parking games

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Driver’s Ed 2 will help beginners hone their driving skills. You can choose an instructor; four are available. Jessica likes expensive cars and fancy gifts. Mr. Bumper’s name might be goofy, but he will grow on you. Johnny can come across as slightly strict and serious. The Boss Lady could give you an earful if you drive badly.

There are five practice lessons you can take before a test. These are parallel parking, left turn at a four way stop, left turn at a green light, proceeding at a four way stop, and pulling out of a parking space. You can be tested on any of these skills. Once you pass all five tests, you can get 15% off on’s driver education course. With 3,272,614 plays on, this game is a popular one.

Looking for a more niche online parking game? You could park a yacht, a forklift, a vintage car, or even a convertible. This could give you a break from parking your regular car (or working). And who knows, you might even get better at parking in real life by playing!

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