How Carpool Parking Signs Encouraged Carpooling – Real Case Study

July 28, 2011

You think signs are only for informative purpose? Think again. Here’s a real live case in point.

John Fields is the Vice President of sales at an insurance corporation. He lives in Norwich, Connecticut and commutes daily to his office in Hartford. When John used to commute alone in his car to his office in Hartford, he faced an exasperating problem of finding a Carpool vanpool signparking spot. More precisely, any parking spot within a mile’s radius! Like some of his other colleagues, John was wasting considerable time looking for parking spots, causing him to be late for morning meetings or even miss appointments.

In an interesting stroke of luck, John’s company decided to put in place a carpool policy. They had designated valuable parking spots for people who would carpool. But over time this information got lost in a myriad of policies and was not communicated well enough to the employees. Soon, a favorable step was implemented. In the quarterly admin review, one of the decisions made was to install clear carpool parking only signs to mark specific reserved parking spots for people using carpools.

Carpool Parking SignThese new carpool parking signs were beneficial to everyone. John and his teammates immediately stepped up and took the “new found” opportunity to start a carpool between Norwich and Hartford every day. Not only did this solve everyday parking problems of the employees, it also resulted in boosting employee morale. Daily car trips together with the colleagues showed a marked improvement in team bonding, and consequently, in productivity.

Another tactic Fields’ company utilized was designating a Commuter Parking lot. This way, carpoolers could come and go as they please without having to fight for spaces in the general parking lot area and drivers wouldn’t be put off by No Commuter Parking signs. Park and Ride Signs assist in efficiently guiding commuters to their intended direction and parking spot. These signs make it easier to direct people who are transferring to public transportation. Park and Ride signs are clear and visible from far distances, and the end result is that people use fewer emissions since the signs facilitate guiding drivers to public transportation.

No-Commuter-Parking-Sign       Park-and-Ride-Sign

A simple, tactful approach of placing Carpool Parking Signs and demarcating a Commuter Parking Lot snowballed and paved way to a more punctual, happy and productive office. Now John and his friends carpool daily and enjoy each other’s company while commuting. The other offices in the building also saw the new carpool signs and decided to implement them. Safe to say, carpooling will slowly become a trend in and near John’s office building.

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