Parking Signs Solve Safety and Congestion Issues at Schools

July 29, 2011

Simple no parking signs prove powerful in straightening out routine issues, bringing order and harmony. We may fail to recognize their significance due to their habituated existence in the background. But can you imagine a day-to-day life without them..?

Often places like hospitals, offices and schools face abundant parking hassles due to mismanagement. This can be controlled to a great extent with the use of appropriate signage.

In Hingham MA, authorities recently took a positive step towards ensuring safety and organization by installing No Parking Signs on the triangle of Liberty Pole Road and Independence Lane. As reported, the signs were installed by the town to avert parents from congesting the narrow roads during the school hours. This occurrence was bought to notice when a fire truck could not take a left turn due to crammed parking from parents arriving to pick up their children from school.

Additionally, School Zone Sign and No Parking Any Time Sign were also installed to inform all passers-by and residents of rules to be followed.

School parking signs image

Even though the school parents disagreed with the placement of signs near the school, traffic committee found the installation of signs to be the safest resolution. This effort to prioritize road safety and order would certainly reap the desired benefits for the area in time to come along with alternate parking spaces.

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