Absence of No Parking Signs Create Confusion

August 3, 2011

Cities use assorted parking signs to provide information about when and how long a vehicle may park in a designated area. Parking is regulated to provide for the safe flow of traffic, providing access for handicapped persons, emergency vehicles and avoiding property damage. In usual scenario, parking on the grass, along roadways, drives, curbs, sidewalks or ramps is prohibited.  One needs to be cautious about parking in restricted spaces which are appropriately marked with signs.

Often, lack of proper signage for parking can lead to confusion and legal hassles. People keep reporting incidences where absence of signs left them with facing consequences, evidently for no fault of their own. In a similar case in Portage (Indiana) a few days back, a lady with disability was left with a ticket on her car for parking alongside the road. Due to absence of no parking signs, the lakefront road side was left unguarded which prompted the lady to park nearest in order to avoid parking and walking back from a greater distance. There were no signs at the entrance of the park or any place near to warn visitors against parking or guiding to designated parking area. Absence of no parking signs generated a matter of concern. If proper signage would have been applied at proper places then it would not have been such a problem.

Aluminum-Dont-Parking-Here-SignThe absence of No Parking Signs may or may not suggest availability of parking in the area. No parking zones in public places are defined under complex state and city laws, which may not be as evident as required. Drivers need to be careful and park in specified parking areas only (Usually marked with “P”). However, city needs to put in all efforts to simplify the woes of drivers too, by proper guidance through signs whether for ‘Parking’ or ‘No Parking’. These rules should be rightly enforced as well.  The non existence of no parking signs can attract a fine violation, disorder or in worst cases even accidents.

No parking signs applied on the streets, roads, alleys, sidewalks, fire lanes and parking lots facilitate in parking regulations. This will help people move efficiently, freely and without a doubt.

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