No Parking Signs Help in Keeping Your City Clean!

August 4, 2011

Now we are sure that Parking Signs don’t just come handy in maintaining traffic, improving safety and reducing chaos. They can also be significant in helping to keep a city clean in an efficient manner.

According to, Salem City had enforced new parking rules by installing custom parking signs to display the new no parking hours. These new changes were made in order to align sweeper time in day instead of night. Councilman Sherman Hampton said “the sweeper was moved to running during the day to save on costs, and also to be more convenient to residents.”  While running at the night, the sweeper was causing damage to bristles from unseen debris in the dark. Additionally, as there aren’t many places for the residents to park cars off the street, running the sweeper in day time when most people are out for work makes the process convenient for the residents.

The old parking signs will be replaced by new mentioning the updated timings of no parking, aligned with the hours of sweeper’s work. After the new no parking signs have been installed in their locations, the city police can start enforcing the rules.

To ensure quick implementation, efforts are being made to post the signs as quickly as possible, giving uniformity. The city is trying to cover up one section at a time because of the significant number of signs that need to be placed. Once done, the councilman plans to send a notification to residents of each section about the new updated parking rules.

No Parking Time Limit SignUndoubtedly, no parking signs come useful in numerous situations in everyday life, more than they are credited for. Their ingenious use can find application in many areas of city management and operations.

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