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Tamperproof Attachment Hardware for Posts (2 bolts & 3 nuts): BoltGuard Anti-Theft Post Attachment Kit – 2 Bolts, 3 Tamperproof Nuts (K-KIT-BG) Learn More...

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Part# K-KIT-BG
Contents 2 steel one-way carriage bolts (5/16" x 2 1/2" long) with 3 Tamperproof Nuts (2 for Mounting, 1 for Installation)

Product Description

BoltGuard kit is equipped with 3 tamperproof nuts; 2 used to mount the sign and 1 for installing. Accompanied with 2, one-way security bolts for the optimal theft proof sign mounting solution.

  • Anti-theft hardware saves you time and money! Eliminate the need of replacing stolen signs with this low-cost invesment.
  • Sign mounting hardware is compatible with our signs (3/8" holes) and posts (u-channel and square).
  • Tamperproof nuts can be installed using a 7/8" wrench or an 8" adjustable wrench/pliers.
  • Tamperproof nut's bevelved edge and one-way security bolt prevents removal with ordinary tools. Sign can only be disengaged from the backside using the installaltion nut.
  • To install:
    1. Tighten first nut by hand onto the back of the sign post.
    2. Tighten the second nut, upside-down, on top of the first nut. The second nut locks with the first nut.
    3. Insert a wrench in between the two nuts and tighten until secure.
    4. When finished, remove second, top nut using a wrench leaving the first, bottom nut on the backside of the post. Save installation nut for next install or when you want to remove the sign.
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Quantity / Price (Per Kit)
  • 2.5" x 0.3125"
  • Rigid Signs
  • Tamperproof Sign Attachment Hardware
Tamperproof Sign Attachment Hardware
Sep 29
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  • Kit is made of 2 one-way steel bolts and 3 tamperproof nuts made from 1008 case-hardened steel.
  • Bolts are 2.5" long and is designed to fit on our u-channel posts or square posts. Bolts are 5/16" in diameter and our compatible with our signs with 3/8" predrilled holes.
  • 3 tamperproof nuts are provided, 2 for mounting to your post and 1 for installation. Installation nut allows you to tighten bolt and securing sign to the post. Sign cannot be dismounted without using the 3rd installation nut.
  • One-way security bolts and beveled edge of the tamperproof nuts prevents removal with ordinary tools.
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0 Order Quantity:
Size:2.5" x 0.3125"
Material:Tamperproof Sign Attachment Hardware
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Per Kit
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Customer Reviews

Woman User Icon
Sep 20, 2020

  Verified Purchase

Worth it!

Easy to use with the sign we also purchased
Woman User Icon
Sep 10, 2020

  Verified Purchase

Very pleased!

Very impressed with quality of work and with order fulfillment. Great service!
Man User Icon
Sep 10, 2020

  Verified Purchase


Received our sign quickly and it was packaged with care. The sign looked better than we could have imagined and great quality!...WE ARE VERY PLEASED!!!
Man User Icon
Sep 03, 2020

  Verified Purchase

They are fine.

Did what they were suppose to do!
Man User Icon
Aug 27, 2020

  Verified Purchase

Keepin Honest Thieves Away

These little bolt kits will hopefully keep the jerks from stealing our custom made street signs. The quality of the bolts and nuts look good and they definitely look tamper proof. For the most part if it takes someone a few minutes to get these undone they are not going to waste their time in theory.