Go Big with BigBoss A-Frame Parking Lot Signs

February 17, 2017

Parking lot signs make it easy for you to manage parking and traffic control, especially during busy times like events, conferences and shows. But not all kinds of signs are up to the task.

Foldable signs can get knocked down. Mobile signs with standard bases restrict your message size.  In both cases, your message gets lost.

What should I look for in parking lot signs?

Effective parking lot signs must be durable, portable, and highly visible.

Our BigBoss A-Frame signs are all three.

  • BigBoss signs are impact-resistant and less likely to fall down than other signage mounts. Their unique shape stays upright in winds up to 30 miles per hour, keeping your message upright and intact.
  • BigBoss signs are just as easy to move as a rolling bag! No dragging, no lifting, and no hassle needed.
  • BigBoss signs  hold larger signs than other bases and frames. Bigger signs mean better visibility, even in dense traffic or bad weather.


Can I customize A-Frame signs?

Yes! A-Frame signs are easy to customize. Advertise your business, provide a custom parking message, and attract customers.


Benefits of using A-Frame signs

  • Slide your panel into the frame to display a message
  • Easily swap messages
  • Wheel the frame away — no hassle, no fuss!

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