Don’t Turn Away from Problems of Turn Arounds in Your Private Driveway

February 10, 2017

If motorists repeatedly use your private driveway to turn around on the street, don’t dismiss it as a minor annoyance. Unauthorized access to your driveway has many risks.

Private Driveway No Turn Around Sign

Traffic backing up in your driveway can bump into parked cars on your property. If the driveway is a narrow one, bigger cars and trailer accessing it can run over your lawn. Moreover, car headlights and taillights shining in your living room at night can prove to be an invasion of privacy.

Then there are risks to life. Cars using your driveway to turn around may end up hurting kids and pets, especially if they are in the driver’s blind spot. Even though the speeds are low while turning; remember, kids cannot control their movements as deftly as adults.

Installing gates in your driveway and hooking chains may deter drivers from using your driveway but it also means dealing with barriers yourself when you want to head out.

Putting up a No Turn Around Sign is the simplest and the most cost-efficient way to stop drivers from using your driveway.

Choose your sign carefully though. If you find your own neighbors using your driveway, select a sign that is subtle in design and does not scream the intention to fight. A sign like this is an example—simple and direct; not threatening.

Private Driveway No Turn Around Sign

You can also opt for custom signs to tweak the message the way you like—

Custom Private Driveway Sign


For unknown traffic, a more imposing sign shows you mean business.

Stop No Turn Around Private Driveway Sign

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