Audible Crosswalk Signs in New York

October 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

Crossing a street can be dangerous at noisy and crowded intersections with speeding cars around, but the new accessible crosswalk signs can make a life-saving difference. New York City is coming up with accessible pedestrian Crosswalk Signs that are wired to pedestrians signals. These pedestrian crosswalk signs send an audible message to indicate when it is safe to cross.

Audible Crosswalk Sign

Crossing busy streets will be easier now for New Yorkers as the city has announced to install audible pedestrian signals at intersections. Twenty one intersections already have the devices and another 25 are due to be installed in next one year.

The new audible crosswalk signs come as a boon to not only the hearing impaired and the blind but to those who are busy updating their status on social networking sites or too involved in their cell phones.

The audible device emits a clicking sound that alerts pedestrians and informs that it is time to start walking to cross the road. The click sound aids people including the elderly and the blind to cross the road a bit more safely. The unit also vibrates to help those with hearing impairments.

The crosswalk sign combines the flashing pedestrian crossing signs with an audible message. On pushing the crosswalk button, pedestrians can hear messages that are available during flash like, “Don’t walk”. Walk messages convey that the Walk Signal is on or provide the name of the street being closed. Pushbutton messages provide intersection and crosswalk identification information.

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