Tips for Safe Driving

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Today we drive safely on roads due to safer cars, DOT campaign of driving rules and signboards that have made most of us safe drivers.

Because of these initiatives, U.S. registered a low accident rate recorded in the year 2008. According to NHTSA, there were almost 6 million car accidents leading to over 37,000 fatalities in 2008, which subsequently reduced to 32,000 in 2010. Improvement in technology continues to help minimize the count, but the fact remains that most car accidents are the result of human error. The best way to reduce is to practice safe driving behavior.

Here are few tips that will ensure the driver’s and the passenger’s safety:


  • Always carry your driving license with you (it is a legal requirement).
  • Be alert while driving and pay attention to traffic at all times.
  • Keep adequate distance between you and the car in front.
  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • It is unsafe to drive too fast or too slow so drive at an appropriate speed.
  • Check for blind spots when changing lanes and backing the car.
  • Look around for other people and other cars at intersections.
  • Always know the route of your destination.
  • Looking ahead is the key to safe driving. Keep your eyes constantly moving for safety.
  • While driving know space management and speed management.
  • Look for the signs on the road. For example, pedestrian crossing, pavements etc.
  • Make your seating position comfortable before driving.
  • Make sure to keep looking at the rear view mirror too, as a driver should be aware of what is happening behind the vehicle.
  • Always use signals while turning or changing the lane.
  • Maintain average traffic speed on freeways.
  • Respect the weather conditions like rain or snow and drive slowly.
  • As most roads are multi lanes, so overtaking can be done from both left and right side. But one must use indicators to change lanes.
  • Make sure to have dimmed headlamps on at dusk, in fog and in rainy weather.
  • On approaching a STOP sign make sure your vehicle should comes to a complete halt.


  • Don’t ever drink and drive.
  • By no means drive when you are feeling drowsy. Take a break, park the car on the side and take a short nap or walk for 10 minutes.
  • Don’t use cell phone while driving for talking or texting.
  • Don’t converse with the other passengers in the car, it can distract you from driving properly.
  • Changing the radio station or MP 3 player can also distract you from driving properly.
  • Never give up in case of any emergency. Try your best to avoid the accident.
  • Never make a decision at the last moment while driving. It shows your attention is not on the road.
  • Do not overtake a school bus from any direction on a two way street.

 Tips for taking care of your vehicle

  • Always make sure you have sufficient gas in your car.
  • Send your car for regular service.
  • Keep the mirrors and windshield clean.
  • Keep a cloth in the car to clean the windows and windshield in case of fog, rain and snow.

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