Strangely Bizarre Driving Laws!

September 29, 2011

Bizzare Traffic LawsCombine your love for cars with the driving laws. Driving laws will not only assist you in safe driving but there are lots many weird laws that will make you feel out of the ordinary. While driving, one hates it to be fined or jailed for breaking a law they were simply unaware of and above all they just can’t image those laws. Indeed there are some driving laws that just don’t make sense today, but they are still there and enforceable too.

Talking about the Bizarre Driving Laws in different Countries:

  • Talk about the strangest law in South Africa. The animals have the right of way on the roads. Herders commonly cross roads with animals like pigs, goats, cattle and other animals. The motorists have to stop down their vehicles or slow down for animals. In case drivers don’t do that they can be incurred a fine up to $ 535.
  • In a sharp contrast in Singapore, pedestrians are given all the rights on the road, not just on designated crossings. It is illegal for any vehicle to be within 50 meters of a pedestrian who is trying to cross a road. Still unusual for the drivers to find when is a pedestrian going to cross a road when no crossing is specified.
  • The next peculiar law is stated in Luxembourg which says that a windshield wiper is mandatory in your vehicle. But the strange thing is, it is compulsory even if your vehicle doesn’t have a windshield. So next time when you drive down in your sports convertible in Luxembourg without a windshield, make sure windshield wipers are still fit in!
  • None of you want to break down on a road side because your car has run out of fuel. It is so frustrating. But it becomes more annoying when you are driving in Germany. The law states that it is illegal to run out of fuel and a heavy fine is imposed on such motorists.

Aren’t these laws strange? Many USA states have some very bizarre laws and some are specific to a particular street in a town.

  1. Alabama – It is illegal to drive while being blindfolded. Still unable to comprehend, even if that was legal, how can one drive while covering their eyes! Another law in Alabama says that it is illegal to drive barefoot. Does that mean a traffic officer will check your feet while you are driving!
  2. Alaska – The authorities have declared that it is illegal to tie a dog to the roof of a car. But who is going to do that! That’s too weird!
  3. Arkansas – It is against law for a person to horn a vehicle at any place where cold drinks and sandwiches are served after 9 p.m. What does a horn has to do with an eating joint!
  4. California – It is unlawful to use the road as bed no matter now comfortable the divided highway looks in Eureka, California. It can cost you $ 1000 fine or possibly six months in jail. Another law in California states that any woman dressed in a housecoat or a bathrobe is prohibited from driving a car.
  5. Colorado – You are breaking the law, if you are driving a black car on a Sunday. Crazy!
  6. Florida – Owner of the car should deposit money in the parking meter if they have an elephant tied to a parking meter.
  7. Illinois – The police has no acceptance for the bicycle riders. So beware if you own a bicycle in Illinois.
  8. Kansas –It is a crime to screech your tires while driving. It can result into 30 days in jail or a $ 500 fine.
  9. Maryland – Keep your foul language to yourself or whisper them softly. Curse words from your vehicle can cost you up to $ 100 fine or 90 days in jail.
  10. Massachusetts – You can be fined with a parking ticket if you have a gorilla in the backseat of your car. But who will drive with a gorilla in their car! Strange enough!
  11. Michigan – If you are in Detroit, Michigan, your car breaks down and you are waiting for assistance, make sure you don’t read newspaper while waiting. It can charge your pocket heavily.
  12. Minnesota – While driving to Minnetonka in Minnesota, keep your car and car tires clean. If your car is muddy or have dirty or sticky tires, it will cost you a $ 2000 fine.
  13.  New Jersey – Drivers have to beep their car horns before passing another vehicle.
  14. New York – Though the city is full of beaches still it is illegal to disrobe while in your car. So be happy and content with your clothing while you enter your car in San Harbor, New York or it will cost you $ 100 or 90 days in jail.
  15. North Carolina – It is illegal to play in traffic. So parents make sure, your kids play Candy land on the floor of your living room and not on road. Another bizarre law in North Carolina is that it is against the law to drive through a cemetery if you are not there to dig or bury a grave. So the people who propose to visit the grave of their loved ones should have powerful binoculars. What a wacky law!
  16. Rhode Island –It is prohibited to drive with beer in your vehicle, even if it is unopened. So next time if you want to have beer in Scituate, Rhode Island, ask for a home delivery but how will beer delivery drivers do that. Strange but that’s a law!
  17. San Francisco – Drying your car with used underwear is against the law.
  18. South Carolina – Keeping trash in your vehicle is illegal if you are heading towards Hilton Head in South Carolina. It is more of a health code violation which can amount to a fine of $ 500 or 30 days in jail.
  19. Tennessee – To drive a car while sleeping is prohibited. But how can someone drive while sleeping! Strange!

Some laws will make you scratch your head and some will make you laugh out loud. These laws are strange, odd and crazy. Although many of these laws are out of date but at some point of time, people got involved in an unusual behavior and so these laws have been passed. Isn’t it strange?

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