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22 Funniest Parking Signs of All Time

| August 8, 2011 | 1 Comment

Do away with the seriousness! Yes of course.. Parking and no parking signs are about organization, system and rules, but who says you can’t say it with a dash of wit? Presenting some of the all time weirdest and funniest parking signs you may have ever come across!

Wrath of ancients parking signDetailed no parking sign appealing to our ancient beliefs

Visualize being towed parking signImagine, Visualize and Don’t Park!

Violators executed parking signNow that’s a serious repercussion for an innocent crime 😛

threatening parking signA no parking sign straight from the mobster’s pen?

stupidity no parking signNow now, don’t be mean.

Pig owners parking signA parking sign that will continue to baffle us for long.

No Nothing parking signNo Nothing! No Confusion!

Never Ever Park here Parking signTalk about Persistence.

Mother-in-law no parking signWho’d want to take that risk?

lorry funny parking signAn articulate no parking sign that gets the message across!

Last car funny parking signA subtle warning?

funny princess parking signA no parking sign for the animated lot.

funny pastor parking only signA pastor who does not bless. That’s rare.

funny parking floor signUnique no parking sign for the floor!

funny no trucks parking signAnd you thought only trucks are scary?

funny church parking signTo be prayed for! Sure.

except automobiles parking signProbably for the ancient times

Elvis parking signAn Elvis parking sign – who does not love that!

crushed melted parking signDon’t want that, do you?

Civil War Parking OnlyWonder who these people want in their parking lot?!

cat doctor parking signRight said by the City Cat Doctor – Reserved parking sign speaking the language of the cats!

air out no parking signA bizarrely straightforward unauthorized parking sign

Totally psyched out? Get one such funny parking sign for yourself here.

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  1. Daniel Male says:

    This page is hysterical! My favorite parking sign is the one from the mobsters pen. Can you post about more funny signs?

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