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Handicapped Parking Signs

We make it easy to find out which Handicapped Parking Sign designs are used in your state. Click on your state and find the signs that have the proper wording for your state.

ADA Rules
Spaces Needed and Size of Accessible Parking Spaces.
Handicapped Parking
Development of the ADA Symbol. Read more ...
State Summary
Mark reserved parking in New York with a new set of signs. In July of 2014, Gov. Cuomo signed law A.8193 and S.6846 updating the ISA in New York. The redesigns include the updated graphic, created by The Accessible Icon Project, and prohibits using "handicapped" on any sign. New York residents are required to use the updated symbol when a installing a new sign after November 25, 2014.

New York Parking Signs (62845)

Reserved Parking Sign With Bidirectional Arrow, ISA Symbol
Reserved Parking (Access Icon And Bidirectional Arrow)
Reserved Parking ADA Disability Sign With ISA Symbol
Reserved Parking (Accessible Symbol And Left Arrow)
Reserved Parking Right Arrow Sign New ISA Icon
Reserved Parking (Accessible Symbol And Right Arrow)
Reserved Parking Sign With Modified ISA Symbol
Reserved Parking (With ISA Icon)
12"x18" to 18"x24"
New York Reserved Parking, Van Accessible Sign
Reserved Parking, Van Accessible with Symbol

Recommended Supplemental ADA Signs for New York (62846)

VAN ACCESSIBLE Aluminum ADA Handicapped Sign
Van Accessible Reflective Aluminum ADA Handicapped Sign
Van Accessible (Most states)
6"x12" to 9"x18"