Sign Post Installation Tips

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  • This quick video answers some frequently asked questions about installing U-Channel Posts.

Rancho Cordova, CA

How deep does the sign post have to be [into the ground]?

It is recommended that you bury the post two to three feet into the ground. Yet, when you go to the field, most sign posts are actually only buried 18" into the ground. While this is probably okay for most off-street signs (e.g. a Wendy's parking lot), please bury larger signs deeper. 30" stop signs, for example, need to be buried three feet. "The bigger the sign, the deeper the hole".


Wilmington, DE

I want to install a stop sign near to a busy sidewalk. How high should the sign be and do you have any instructions for our grounds crew?

The bottom of the sign should be about 7' from the ground. When you install the sign, let me just borrow "Bryan's" rules.

1. Buy two posts and a standard kit that includes two bolts and nuts. Many just buy two 6' posts.

2 Find the spot that is visible, but not too close to the road. A distance of about 6' from the road is ideal. Find sledge hammer and borrow a strong back for about five minutes. Pound one of the two posts into the ground. Don't bother with digging a hole. Just pound away. Although many recommend that you sink the post 2-3 feet into the ground, most installers seem to stop short of this.

3. Fasten your sign to the second post. The flat part of the sign needs to rest against the flange of the post. This gives you the greatest stability.

4. Take the other post and lay it on the ground near to buried post. Thread a bolt and washer through the fifth hole from the top of the buried post. Thread from the inside of the post (inside the "C"). Then, thread the bolt through the second post. Align the posts so that they will nest. Swing the second post to vertical and tighten the nut at the back.

5. Choose the next hole that is about 4" higher (leaving three open holes). Thread and tighten the second bolt and nut. This can be done by one person. For more information on break-away posts, see our Sign Tips.?


Fort Hood, TX

Do tapered posts work better? Is it faster to pound these into the ground?

It is a good idea, but in practice it does not work. Frankly, I wish they did work better. To anyone who has spent the last 30 minutes pounding a post into the ground can attest, any savings would be worth it. But, in our experience, it is a waste of money and the tapered end of a post makes no difference. If you disagree, please call, we still have plenty in stock.


Greenville, MI

I am putting new reserved parking signs around our lot. What posts do I need?

Most parking signs are fastened to 8' posts. Generally, they are sunk about 1.5 feet into the ground.


Newman, GA

Can I just buy posts from Home Depot? Or, the local farm supply store?

The kinds of posts that you typically see at a local store are called "T-Posts". These are used to hold wire and have barbs along one side. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for signs. In our experience, U-Channel sign posts are not readily available from retail stores.


Chesterfield, MA

Do you sell taller posts? A 10' post?

Note that we do not list these larger size of posts, although we certainly could ship these to you. The trouble is with shipping. UPS handles posts that are 8' or shorter. Longer posts must be shipped via a trucker. In most cases, the minimum trucking fee is $75.00. We have had too many customers (understandably) upset with a shipping bill that is $125 for a post that, itself, only cost $35 each. In many cases, it is easier to buy two smaller posts and bolt them together. There is further benefit too you do not have to climb such a high ladder to drive the post into the ground. A heavy sledge hammer is tough enough to wield with two feet on the ground, let alone when you are precariously perched onto a ladder.


Brunswick, NJ

When are 360° breakaway posts used?

These types of posts are found often for signs mounted in medians. The post can be hit from any direction.


Las Vegas, NV

What is the most common post used for a 24" stop sign?

Although we seen a plenty (and, maybe even a majority) of off street parking lots use an 8' posts, we recommend that you use two 8' posts. Follow the MUTCD rules and get the sign up a clearance height of 7'.