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Part# K-2776
Size 14" high x 18" dia. Black Base with 2-3/8" Hole for Round Post
Package 1 Rubber Base
Material Recycled Rubber Sign Base with Circle Post Hole [RF-RSB-CIR]
Contents Recycled Rubber Tire Sign Base. Post not included.

Recycled Rubber Sign Base - Black 

Coned shaped Sign Base with Round 2-3/8' Post Hole - 18' D X 14' H

Made in USA - 100% recycled Rubber
Package : 1 Rubber Base • Price per Rubber Base
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Rubber Base
Quantity :
   Rubber Base
Price per Rubber Base:
You Save:
Product Description
Recycled rubber base is the favored choice of parking lot pros. It snugs to the ground and does not tip over easily.

• Rubber bases outlast all other bases - including concrete, which chips and discolors over time. Bases look fresh year after year.

• Base has a circular hole - to accommodate a standard 2.375” diameter PVC pole.

• Base weighs 72 lbs, (designed to be below the OSHA 75 lbs lifting limit for one person), but it's still easy to install and move - just tip and easily roll the base along its side.

• Good for signs up to 24” in width.

• Bases are made from old tires - and environmentalists love this.

• USA made - most competitors import their bases from Canada or Asia.

Material Features Show Specifications
Sign Base Mover
Size:   18" x 13" x 6"
Part#:  K-7371
Min. Order: 1  Sign Base Mover
Total Cost: 
Size:   23" Wide x 6" Tall
Part#:  K-9675
Min. Order: 1  Rubber Base
Total Cost: 
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