USA’s Best Parking Signs

1 3M Inks & Films
These signs are the real deal – the same signs ordered by the thousands by our governmental customers. They use 3M films and 3M inks. They are not some low-cost ink jet’d signs that will fade in a few years or appliqué signs that will delaminate over time. Our signs have been proven to last for 10 years + (and many of our signs are still going strong after 25+ years outside).
2 Rounded Corner
Rounded Corner-2
Our signs are punched out with dies – not square cut on an inexpensive shear. Rounded corners are an obvious perquisite for any official sign.
3 Heavy Duty Aluminum
Heavy Duty-3
It is virtually impossible to bend our signs. Parking signs use 63 mils thick aluminum. See our sidebar discussion about sign thickness.
Best Arrow-1
Best Parking Signs
Best Arrow-2
4 Prepunched and Precleared Holes
Our edges are burr-free and, unlike many competitors, have rounded (and not sharp) square corners. Rounded corners follow MUTCD standards.
5 Ships in 1 Day
Most signs ship in just one day (and many ship the same day). We ship out 1,000’s of signs each day and have a huge inventory.
6 Guaranteed Best Price
With free shipping and our web-best pricing guarantee it is easy to see why we are the largest online store for Parking Signs.
7 Huge Range
Huge Range
We offer 1,000 of designs and the full range of 3M 65 reflective films.

Sign Thickness – Fact & Fiction

You don’t want to get us going on sign thickness. Our customers (and we sell to 1,000’s of governmental and parking lot accounts each year) uniformly specify a 63 mils thick aluminum for 12” x 18” signs and then an 80 mils thick aluminum for larger signs. These are the tried-and-true thicknesses – signs are easy to install, affordable to ship, but exceptionally durable. We rarely see an informed sign buyer specifying 80 mils thick for parking signs.
We don’t recall one return, ever, for a 63 mils thick parking sign that has been bent. As we have often read, there have been many innovations in the parking sign market – but, thicker signs is not one of them. There are some smaller sign shops that, seemingly, can only afford to economically to stock a single thickness and thus make an 80 mils thick 12” x 18” sign. That’s understandable. So, if you want a thicker parking sign, we will happily supply this to you at no extra charge. Just contact our customer service staff.
A far more important question is how the signs are made. See the comment on the right.

Let’s Take a Hard Look at Sign Quality & Pricing

Every once in a while, we will be asked to match up against a competitor that, from a quick review, has a better price on a particular parking sign or sign post.
WIn every case, we have found some fundamental flaw. Here are some the games that we have seen:
  • A sign post that is sold as a 2# post is found, once it is delivered, to actually be a 1.75# post [the post market very simple – heavier posts cost more].
  • A sign is produced with sharp / square corners or the customer has been “bait-and-switched” to lighter gauge aluminum.
  • A low cost ink system is used. We use 3M films and inks. The signs are not produced using some sort of ink jet printer meant, primarily for paper or for limited outdoor use. We use 3M matched components that have been proven to outlast weather.
  • A 17” base is sold as a 20” base; the competitor measures around the top of the concave base not as the simple diameter. Or, we see “rounding up” on the weights of a generic cast iron sign base; a 37 # bases masquerades as a 40lbs+ base.
Finally, you need to look closely at shipping costs. What’s the “all in cost”? We have heard of competitive situations when a $30 order for parking signs cost another $25 to ship (UPS regular to a nearby state!). Or, in another case when the cost to ship a few posts was more than a low-ball price for the posts themselves. We offer free shipping.
We don’t believe in games. We promise to give you the best quality at the best price and delivered fast. It’s simple and transparent.